January 15, 2010

Half Thoughts

Sadness overtakes me as I move forward. Every step agony; every move terrifying. I cannot stop. I’ve been on this path too long to quit now. Come hell or high water I’ll have my low-water mark. I turn the knob, pull, and look in…


  1. "Come hell or high water I’ll have my low-water mark." i love that. I hope all is ok. (A dog makes everything better.) :)
    We have a Jack russell... It is sorta like having a child with ADD who just happens to jump like they are on a tramp 24/7...
    But she is cute.

  2. Christopher , hope you feel better soon, tomorrow is another day!, i'm sure.

  3. Just for the record I'm doing just fine! I just got sick of that sitting on my computer unfinished.

  4. Glad you are fine :)
    That picture goes so well with your piece/post.

  5. Was she there or was she gone?

    Is that it?


  6. Great post x


  7. Secretia: That's why I called it Half Thoughts, I had no idea where to go with it so I left it.

  8. I see the strength in this. devastation, yes. But strength as well, you did not turn back.

  9. This is completely unrelated, but I don't know if we can send messages. I saw on your profile one of your favourite books is Lolita. I first fell in love with the story of Lolita through a CD composed by a young girl who told the story of Lolita through music. It took me ages to find a copy of Nabokov's infamous novel, but I finally did at the age of 16. I struggled through it (his diction is incredible!) and loved every minute. I just managed to find a DVD of the movie, and my question is whether or not you had seen it and what your thoughts on it were?

  10. Eva: That's a great perspective, I haven't really thought about it in that light as of yet.

    Kristyn: I saw the Kubrick Lolita. I'm not sure if that's the film you're referring to. I'm a huge Kubrick fan but I don't think that it stacks up to the brilliance of Nabokov's writing or correctly portrays the monster that is Humbert Humbert. A lot of that probably has to do with the very taboo material in the book and the fact that so much of the dramatic parts are happening in Humbert's mind which is hard to translate to the silver screen.


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