January 8, 2010

Immature Humor

My brother sent this picture to me in one of those spam emails liberals send to each other to make fun of how incredibly insane conservatives can be. We emailed back and forth trying to figure out how it is that no one in this whole tea party craziness has figured out what “tea-bagging” actually is. A week or so passed before I talked to him again. Apparently our mother sent him an email saying she didn’t get the joke. He said he tried and tried but could not bring himself to explain to our mother what “tea-bagging” is. Then it dawned on me that the children of the tea-party can’t bring themselves to tell their parents either.

The hilarity continues.

P.S. If you're one of the people that doesn't know what tea-bagging is either here is the definition from urbandictionary.com. Warning it is a sexual act... I guess.


  1. My favorite part of this whole post is the "... I guess" part at the end. *tee-hee-hee*

  2. Ha, I thought that was a nice touch too.

  3. haha... I should not be laughing but grandma really?!?!

    RE: halls and what they are good for...
    I think you are right on ... you have to have those moments in relationships. Glad you seek them out. :)

  4. Betty: you too!

    Sharon: glad to help with this post obviously geared to daily enlightenment.

    Laurel: I know, if she only knew. And I couldn't agree more on the halls part Laurel.

  5. That is some funny stuff!


  6. Christopher, while I find this funny, I also find it a bit sad, I suppose. What are we coming to? Only time will tell... So, I followed you from my place to yours, and I'll be following you closely from here on. I see we have some mutual friends. :-) Thank you for stopping in, and for leading me here.


  7. This is too funny! Even funnier is the thought of your brother contemplating explaining tea bagging to your mother!

  8. Secretia: Glad you got a chuckle!

    Nevine: Glad to meet you.

    Jo: Yea, that must have been some conversation.

  9. So that's what I was doing last night...hmm...I knew there had to be a word for that one hahaha


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