January 30, 2010

A Review: Einstein: his life and universe

I have a love/hate relationship with family and Christmas morning. I love it in principle and I hate it because I'm always hungover. Don't judge me. I was born on Christmas. I've never been able to go out for my birthday and party like a madman. When I turned 21 I had to find a dedicated few friends who were committed to downing a half gallon of tequila on December 26th at 12:01 AM. People seem to like partying on the 24th just fine though, so that's when I usually celebrate. By the time my headache meets the headache that is family I'm usually feeling pretty crappy and wishing that I could just skip Christmas morning without making my mom cry. But, I won't get married or even knock anyone up, so I have no escape. What does this have to do with the book I just read? Nothing of importance, really. I just hate reading reviews and I assume everyone else does too. Siskel died.
My index finger slid along the crease. I found the tape. I slowly pried it open; discarded paper all around me. I looked down at my lap and locked into those deep, yet confident, dark brown eyes. The wild, yet stiff, free flowing locks that seem to float in the air. That serene confidence that exudes as much charisma as brilliance. The archetype of whimsy and genius: Albert Einstein. I've had a necrophiliatic man-crush on Mr. PhotoElectric effect since the first biography I read on him. His discoveries have had such an under-appreciated affect on mankind. He was the messiah, and faith wasn't needed to prove his teachings. Equations were sufficient. Would the discoveries Einstein made  have been made eventually anyway? Yes. It just might have taken another fifty years. Imagine what the world would be like if it were set back fifty years. It's hard to fathom.

Am I overestimating his value? Do you know enough to argue with me? If you aren't sure you should read this book. It's the second Einstein biography I've read and its the superior of the two. You learn about the man, his impact, and his brilliance. This is one of the great men of history; don't be ignorant of his deeds. He's a character that no fiction writer would dare create for fear of inventing an essence too fantastic for reality. But, he existed. We are all better for it. Read this book and tell me I'm wrong.


  1. Ok, you've got a deal. It's on my list ... I have a long list, but I will read it. :)

  2. First, it sucks that your birthday is on Christmas, you have my sympathy. Although, I doubt you need it, with the tequila and all.

    Second, Einstein was brilliant. And under-appreciated, you are very right on that. I love how you said "He's a character that no fiction writer would dare create for fear of inventing an essence too fantastic for reality" that was a great line. And so true. I think you convinced me to read the book.

  3. I've read this book and I do not dare to challenge you on anything you said because... simply... I agree. He is the the the genius of all time, that Einstein. Without him, we'd all be sitting around scratching our heads going, "Huh?" I know...


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