January 28, 2010

State of the Union

I found Obama's first State of the Union address to be reassuring and shocking all at the same time. I'm not sure if it was a stroke of brilliance or political suicide. He basically threw everyone in Washington, including himself, under the bus. One of the things I always find interesting is who stands up to applaud and who doesn't. Last night there were times when Republicans stood and Democrats didn't, which was fascinating. I would say that he probably attacked Democrats in the Senate more than he attacked Republicans. He went after the Supreme Court for recently knocking down campaign finance reforms. The military brass looked frustrated when he said that he would allow gays and lesbians to openly serve in the armed forces. He even went on about his on setbacks. He definitely came out swinging and hopefully this will lead to a revitalized Congress. The guy really knows how to work a room. I found the ending (posted below) interesting for how somber it made everyone in the room look.


  1. I just hope Obama’s economic proposals and plans actually become reality in the near future.

  2. I watched the State of the Union with interest. Even though I'm Canadian, I know whatever happens to America affects us all.

  3. I confess I was too busy getting a bit drunk so I could make that video of me dancing with my daughter last night instead of watching this. I know I should have been watching the State of the Union--that would have probably been the civilized, dutiful thing to do, but alas, well, no excuses...still, thanks for your take on it. It's always interesting to see how each president gives his address. And always, it seems to be a highly charged, partisan affair (which I'm guessing is why you never really saw Dems or Repubs standing at the same time). It's kind of sad, really. Not since George Washington has this country been able to stand united politically.

  4. Very insightful commentary - I agree very much with what you've said. I was most impressed by his attitude of hey, change doesn't always feel good, but we're doing what we gotta do, and chastising the Repubs for automatically saying no rather than trying to formulate change. The only heartbreaker for me, the thing that made me throw my remote down, was when he called out building nuclear plants as a way of dealing with climate change, the most anti-environmental thing he could have ever promoted. Made me sick. Now, like we all say, let's see some things get implemented. Amen to that.

  5. It says a lot if you can throw yourself under the bus. Right now there are plenty of people who should be in Washington. I enjoyed reading your observations. It is always interesting to see who stands and who doesn't.

    I got your comment on my question/answer. Nevada isn't always sunny, right now there's a ton of snow. But I am dark enough, if I lived somewhere gloomy I would probably wither away. Being an insomniac is not romantic but you're right that we make it sound that way. I'm glad I gave you some reading material. It's funny, I'll be online chatting with people way too late into the night/morning and they need to kick me off. I forget normal people sleep :)

  6. I was completely enthralled by the speech. I don't necessarily feel that he was throwing anybody under the bus-anyone who's been paying attention knows what decisions have been made and who has made them. I respect a president who is honest (even at his own popularity's expense) and direct, and if someone else in power doesn't like it, well then they shouldn't have made a decision that wasn't for the best of the citizens.

    I have been hearing a lot of Republican feedback stating that Obama is "only a good speaker"...while I not only find that to be untrue, I would also like to point out that no harm was ever done by instilling hope into citizens. The fear-mongering of past administrations damaged the economy. Period. Not to mention foreign relations, and a lot of other areas. People wouldn't travel, shop, etc. Everybody suffered. So any President worth his salt SHOULD be giving speeches meant to inspire Americans to action, he SHOULD be attempting to reinstill some hope into our lives.

    That is my rant for the day. Probably better suited for my own blog. I did greatly enjoy your observation about who stands and who doesn't. I also enjoyed hearing the EXTREMELY FAINT applause as he made his plea for bipartisan cooperation.

  7. Ehow: I agree completely. You can give all the great speeches in the world but they won't be remembered if they aren't acted upon.

    Elle: I hope you enjoyed the peek into our madness.

    Carol: It was worth it that video was adorable! Its just the nature of the game. It's impossible to unite a few people sometimes let alone over 300 million. Hopefully we'll smarten up and work on some things though.

    EcoGrrl: Well I guess no ones policies can ever be perfect.

    Eva: If I ever see you blogging at 4 AM I'll be sure to leave a comment yelling at you to go to bed.

    Pseudonym: I completely agree. Whenever I think about how things in the political world aren't going the way I expect them to I remind myself that Bush was once President of this country and think about how good we've got it to have someone smart.


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