February 10, 2010

The Forgotten

The one that simply vanished. The one too pretty to approach. The overtures I missed and the advances I refused to make. The smirk from the corny line. The roll of the eyes from the passing hand it was silly to have grasped. The lipstick that smeared off my arm and the numbered paper that became a tip. The one that’s a drug induced haze of ass, tits and 80‘s night. How different could my life have looked? How many paths were missed? How many mistakes were mercifully escaped? While ducking and dodging love and heartbreak, I think of all the lost and forgotten and wonder if destiny can really be cast aside with such violent indifference. Beautiful moments were lost. Loves have been aborted. Some call it a pool but it’s more like a chalkboard. Names and numbers wiped clean forever.

This is all done for you, the one I’ve yet to meet.
Image taken from: http://www2.wit.ie/users/art/HOWEVER_BLOW_THE_WINDS/JHUTCHINSON/WALK%20AWAY.jpg


  1. I love the reflection and the wonder of this. It also makes me curious about the one you're yet to meet. Did she wipe a slate clean as well? Aaaaahh, life.

  2. There has to be someone, something greater and grander than I. I come to this revelation, after I spent time thinking, wondering and pondering the men who I let get away, Myself. A lot like this you have written here! I think, Christopher Robin you'll find Pooh. Or, they'll find you....How romantic this is. What a lucky woman she will be. That grander and greater and divine hand that has it's plans and ideas and notions for our lives; More than anything I think, wants for us to be loved. Be cherished. Be wanted, be known and desired. Not just one time, one moment and one person...but forever every day, all of the time in the truest of lights it has...to shine. Till then, I say fall in love every day....

  3. She is out there waiting for you too! Just don't settle promise me that. DO NOT settle. Find her.
    The last sentince. May be my favorite. I may just use it as a blog header. With a link to your letters of course!

  4. Jo: A bit curious of that myself.

    The Me: I love that way of looking at it. Now I have to go find someone to fall in love with for the day.

    Kristyn: Thank you very much.

    Laurel: Believe me if I was the kind of guy to settle it would have been done by now. Feel free to borrow that sentence, I don't mind.

  5. Beautiful! Echoes of my own thoughts sometimes...

  6. someone once said that we meet someone when they are ready to meet us, so everything we are doing and experiencing now, good and bad, are to prepare ourselves for that person (who is also doing preparations as well).

    although i just wonder, when's the egg timer going to go off?

  7. You spin my mind in circles with your thought provoking ideas. The only way we can ever really find 'the one' is to wipe clean of the past. Otherwise, we are destined to repeat the mistakes of it.

  8. Cassandra: Glad you enjoyed it.

    Eco: Hmmmm that makes it sound like I need to shape up if I'm going to find that elusive lasting relationship.

    Eva: Easier said than done though.

  9. mmmm. I loved this. It was thought provoking, sensual, intimidating, simple yet complex at the same time. Wonderful. Good luck finding her...she could be right around the corner.

  10. Everything worth doing is always easier said than done.

  11. Jade: Thanks so much. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Eva: That is most certainly true. I suppose that's why we all struggle so much with this.

  12. First I read your blog title description, then moved over and scanned your 'About Me' description. I moved down to this post and I realized I'm hooked on your writing. There's a rawness to your style that I find emotional and authentic. I'm signing up to follow -- I look forward to reading more from you!

  13. 'This is all done for you, the one I’ve yet to meet.'


  14. Christina: Coming from a talent like you I really appreciate that.

    Nicole: Thanks so much. I'm glad I hooked you, you're always welcome and I hope you enjoy.

    Sharon: Somehow that was the easiest line to write. The rest of it I went over a few times. That one I left as is.


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