February 22, 2010

I'm In Love

The very exclusive club of world leaders got much uglier when Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko withdrew her legal challenge of the election results citing corruption in the courts. An academic, economist a co-founder of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine which was a massive protest movement in 2004/2005 in response to the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election that was rife with corruption, fraud and intimidation. Protesters at some of the demonstrations (pictured below) reached a million people - in the winter. She's wearing a shirt with the word revolution printed down the arms.

I love you, Yulia.

Seriously, I'd drink her bathwater.


  1. bahahahaha. For some reason this was so very funny to me. It made my day, thanks!

  2. Love the education I get when clicking on your blogs.

    Thanks, C

  3. Christopher Robin, How endearing. She would surely be flattered, I'm sure of it. She must be so deserving, aware, intelligent and love how her hair is done!

  4. Chasing: Well I'm glad!

    Christine: Welcome.

    The Me: She just seems like a hell of a woman, and that makes me want to do horrible things to her in a cheap hotel.

  5. Hahahaha! Drink her bath water!!! Still laughing...in between gagging...

  6. Im pretty sure I would slaughter her name. Is it like Julia but with a "Yew" sound instead. Oh how would you know? your mouth is full of bath water. (hah- love that._)


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