February 25, 2010

In the Fish Bowl/Fluff Week

You know when you sprinkle food into a fishbowl and the little fishes scramble to the top and go crazy? I couldn't get that visual out of my head when they brought out the t-shirt slingshots at the Bulls game last night. It felt kind of demeaning. Maybe it's because I only had one beer but I felt like the flat-chested girl at Mardi Gras. Sit down buddy, you had a few too many nachos to wear an L without the X's anyway. I know I sound like Buzz Killington but I'm a huge sports fan so I scream my ass off for the team not the gimmicks. Just another example of our ADD culture. When will we learn that you won't find fame looking down the barrel of a t-shirt cannon?

P.S. I've decided it's fluff week around here. I haven't been able to get my mind to focus on anything of substance lately and it's almost Friday. I'll try to think harder next week.

Go Bulls!


  1. I used to go to Rutgers University in NJ & ANYTIME they had free stuff somehow it takes away any shread of humanity we have left. I hear ya. I'm there for the game not the free stuff.

    Yeahh this week has been weird. I hope next week will be better too.

  2. I seriously just copied and pasted your flat chested comment to my facebook. I swear one of these days you are going to just blow up... like
    ( who now has a tv deal.if you didn't know. )
    Seriously you crack me up on a daily basis.
    PS you have 69 follows. woohoo! next party will be at 6969.

  3. Sorry, not a sports fan, but I did notice you managed to write your whole post using only one comma. :)

  4. ..I've totally been looking for fame the wrong way.

  5. Hehehehe! I am in a meeting AND laughing out loud at the flat chested girl comment...

  6. I have to say this post made me smile :) You're funny.

  7. I don't think anyone's brain has been in the right place this week. But I'm enjoying your posts regardless.

  8. Hey, what's wrong with Buzz Killington? I think he adds an air of sophistication to FG.

  9. What is it about that mob mentality? Maybe you just got caught up in the moment. Or moment(s). How else can you explain why rational people would suddenly go crazy over a t-shirt??

  10. Beer? Flat chested? And, the Blazers. Ha ha ha ha ha, I mean, Bulls. Now, there's a title....Now, Christopher Robin go feed your fish.....They're hungry...Hungry, hungry fish...Fluff? No, substance, Hmmphhhh Grunt to self.

  11. The only thing funnier than this post, is once being the flat chested girl at mardi gras :( hahahaha. Okay, its actually not very funny, it was sad. But anyways. Thanks for the laughs.

  12. Melanie: Everyone has been telling me this week has been off.

    Laurel: Can you get me a TV deal?

    Elle: I've been consciously limiting them.

    Cheryl: Don't worry, you'll find it.

    Tiffany: Nothing gives me more pleasure than getting people in trouble.

    dan Andrea: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Eva: Thank you! I'd add something but you know, brain sucks right now.

    VR: I was wondering if anyone would get that reference.

    Kathryn: It's fascinating in a way. In another way I'm puzzled and disgusted.

    The Me: My fish died when I was 7.

    Chasing: You'd be the first one to get my beads.


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