February 3, 2010

Mosquito Tears

I was reading Donut Girl's blog last night and it reminded me of a question I've pondered for some time. What does an avid PETA person do when a mosquito lands on their arm? Do they let it feed till its full? Is there a way to get a mosquito off of your arm without killing it? Can you imagine the will power it must take to look at a mosquito on your arm and not kill it? If you do kill it, would you feel guilty afterward?

I did some research on the subject via PETA's website but this is all I found:
Taking B-complex vitamins or eating brewer’s yeast daily (in tablets or powder) can keep you mosquito-bite free in the summer months. Oil of citronella and pennyroyal mint oil are both effective repellents when diluted with vodka or vegetable oil and dabbed onto the skin. Mosquitoes dislike fresh basil and pennyroyal so these can be usefully applied on porches and around the home.
While these are helpful tips they still don't answer my questions. Now that I have my very own public forum I thought I'd use it to try and get some answers. No applause, please. My intentions are noble for I seek truth, not glory. This is in no way meant to offend animal rights activists. While I disagree with PETA's tactics I respect those that would choose not to harm any animal. I could never take that path. I find animals too delicious. Nothing warms my heart like a screaming lobster.


  1. Ha ha ha, whattheheck? Sorry, I'd not let no stinking bug sit on my skin, and suck out my hardearned, much-needed life source. Damn, the bug, and the bad karma for killing it!! Ha ha ha.

  2. I'm all for not unnecessarily hurting animals but if a mosquito lands on me you better beleive I'll smack it.

    And lobster is yummy. That's the Rhode Island Girl in me talking :)

  3. I am a proud vegetarian (who in no way associates with Peta as I find their advertising practices to be misogynistic and just plain tacky), and I avoid leather and the like. However, my view on it is this: I don't eat cows and chickens because they didn't do anything to me. If something comes up to me and starts biting me...well, all's fair. It's kind of like how I don't believe in violence, but if someone attacked me, you bet your ass I'm fighting back-and winning. That being said, I still feel a twinge of guilt.

    There is a way to just flick them off of you, which is what I try to do, but often they come back, or you do it wrong and they die anyway. Still, killing them can be counterproductive, because you are pushing the part that they use to bite further into your skin, causing the venom to penetrate more. If you don't catch him right when he lands, this can cause an even worse bite.

    While I hate PETA, I will say that their ideas for keeping mosquitos away are great for even non-animal activists. Even if you kill it, it will still probably itch there, as I already pointed out.


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