February 6, 2010

Saturday Hangover

I have a ritual when I've drank too much the previous night. It takes a half hour walk in the awful sunlight but its usually worth it. Here are the steps:

1. Go to movie store and check out something that looks light and quirky.

2. Order torta, rice and beans from local Mexican restaurant.

3. Grab six-pack of corona, lime, and salt from corner grocery store.

4. Walk back up the street to pick up said torta, rice and beans.

5. Return home, close curtains, cut lime and put in movie.

6. Eat delicious food, drink two coronas (maybe 3), and watch movie.

After the movie you'll start feeling much better. So much better that you'll be able to blog about it. Today I watched Taking Woodstock which was a delightful little movie about the kid who put together Woodstock. Woodstock! It was an awesome story with great oddball characters. Definitely recommend checking it out.

The number of times alcohol pops up in my posts is disturbing me. Is it possible to have an intervention via the internet? My real life friends would bring alcohol to my intervention, it wouldn't work.
Image taken from: http://dennismitchell.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/hungover.jpg


  1. I don't drink beer. Can I substitute vodka in that equation or would that defeat the purpose?

    I'd be the last person you'd want to go to for an intervention. I would probably just destroy you further.

  2. Yup.
    Only I eat spaghetti and nachos.

  3. It's easy to include drinking in everything, you are already aware, so that's good.


  4. Cheesy omeletes, tater tots, and TV on DVD is my hangover remedy.

  5. Eva: I will accept a vodka drink although margarita would probably be better given the south of the border feel. Also, I find that further destruction comment extremely appealing. You'll get an invite to my intervention for sure.

    Little Bird: Spaghetti and nachos sound rough. Then again I'm sure it'd work.

    Secretia: Drinking and everything just go so good together!

    Pseudonym: Cheesy omelets are delicious! My omelets never come out looking right but they are always cheesy. Very good hangover remedy.

  6. You are killing me, here.
    Now, Christopher, I am hear because I love you ( I imagine, this is how an intervention is.) I had many phases, of drinking far too much; And, how I love the Coronas.....My hangover ritual, is to have cans of Mandarin Oranges on hand....to refresh and renew the electrolytes....Take a hot steaming shower with sea salt...to force the body to cleanse itself....eat something hearty and good. Watch Sex and City....I don't know what it is about a good chick flick...Do not worry, about the drinking..There are lots of us; I've managed to avoid an intervention myself. It is a phase...For people. You'll change it, when YOU are good and ready to. On your terms, in your way, for your reasons.....at your time.

  7. See you and I have different hangover solutions. I mean, mine is a Gatorade before bed. And then wake up and eat brownies for breakfast (Oreos may be substituted) and have a vitamin, and 2 Advil liquigels which you chase with another (red) Gatorade. And then lay on the couch watching whatever TBS is forcefeeding you. Repeat as necessary. (but i really like yours too. Mexican food. It fixes everything)


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