February 17, 2010



"I don't care if it's been three years, you know what he did."

"You've gotta let it go at some point. You can't let what he did to you rule your life. We all know what he did was wrong. At least the real people do. You don't fuck your brothers wife and not suffer the consequences."

"You know what *****, it's not about him fucking my wife. Everyone always thinks that. I knew she was a venomous bitch. I knew it was over. That's not what I'm mad about. Everyone always says that's what it is but it's not. I could give a fuck about her. It's about what he did to me."
"You beat his ass once and you got a felony. What do you think is gonna happen if you go after him again? Do you really think a 2X4 and 10 seconds of vengeance is worth the rest of your life in jail? He ain't worth it, he ain't."

"I know he ain't. It ain't about that. I know I can't touch him. That's the worst part. I beat his ass once and look what happened? I almost lost my job, my kids, my family and everything else I care about. I see him again and the rage will take over. He'll make me a monster."

"It's not worth it man. If you were so hell bent on a lifestyle based on retaliation why the fuck did you leave 51st street? If you wanted to kill someone for revenge you could've stayed in that gang shit. You moved here because you didn't want to become that. You've got kids motherfucker. You always say you'll do anything for your kids, right? Why beat the shit out of this piece of shit just because he betrayed you? You know your kids mean more to you than that motherfucker."

"You know what? You're right. It ain't worth it. Just because I want to do it don't mean I'll do it. If it was just me I'd go off! I wouldn't give a fuck. I just want to grab him by the throat and when he's looking in my eyes with that last breath of life I'll let go. Just so he knows that just the way he took my life I could've took his. That way he'll know what I went through. I want him to feel the pain that he put me through. Fucking my wife. Living in my motherfucking house? Fuck that, homeboy. He was spoiled his whole life while I was out there paying the consequences. That motherfucker didn't have a job till he was twenty-three motherfuckin years old. I've been workin since I was a fucking kid. I never had no childhood. And what did my parents teach me? They taught me to be a man and be real with a motherfucker. And they took his side? That piece of shit? They were the ones that caught him with my wife. My fucking wife! Now I'm the bad guy. How can I not hold a grudge? Honestly man, how?"

"What he did was fucked up. You don't need to ever forgive him. You don't need to ever trust him again or let your kids around him. He has to live his whole life in shame. What kind of man can ever, ever, hold his head high after what he did? You think everyday he doesn't think of everything he did? That he doesn't think about how many friends he lost. How much trust he lost. How much respect he lost? Unless he's some kind of sociopath serial killer motherfucker he has to have some kind of emotions left, some kind of pride. That's a lonely road to walk. I couldn't live with myself, how do you think he can?"

"You know what he did? Honestly *****, you know what he did? He killed my brother. He killed my brother. The person I loved. The person I did everything for, he killed him. He killed my brother. That motherfucker walking around now isn't him. My brother is dead and he's the one that killed him. Now tell me, what would you do to the motherfucker that killed your brother? Answer that and you'll know my pain."
Image taken from: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CainAndAbel


  1. Bad brother. Really bad brother. Okay so I'm obviously a YA writer, golly gee...

    So, I love that you set aside your manhood and totally went for the whole doing Dexter comment.

    Your totally on my side now. How could I not follow you?

  2. Intense.
    I like writing formatted as a conversation. If this is in fact, writing and not a real conversation.
    I'm sorry for your pain. Although cryptic in a way I can sense it.

  3. For the record my brother is not sleeping my wife, that's all I'll say about that.

    Tiffany: Ha. I've never had a problem poking fun at myself that's for sure. Glad your following!

    Christina: Thanks, I appreciate that.

  4. Very impressive Chris. Have a nice night.

  5. betrayal stirs up many an emotion. my sister fucked my best friend's husband and told me about it 3 years later like it was a cute little story, never understanding that not only was it a betrayal to my friend but to me as well. lack of conscience, of empathy...twists the mind.

  6. Zena: Thanks.

    Eco: Yea, some people seem amoral at times. I'm not saying I don't do bad things at times but I know when I'm doing a bad thing. I don't make a joke out of it.


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