February 9, 2010

Whose Dumber?

I can't believe it but I think there may actually be a politician dumber than former President George W. Bush. Sarah Palin might be the stupidest person to ever have any sort of following. She didn't understand why North Korea and South Korea are separate countries. She joined an organization dedicated to Alaska's cessation from the United States. Then there is the whole notes written on the hand fiasco. Why does she need notes to remember things like "energy", "tax cuts, and lift "American spirits". She can't even remember broad concepts without cheating? As terrifying as it sounds I think there is now someone dumber than Bush. Despite his numerous gaffes and the way his bosses manipulated him I think he was at least smart enough to know he was just a tool. I'm not sure she does.


  1. She makes me sick. I just don't get it, people actually love her. What is wrong with people?

  2. She is surrounded by some kind of strange and odd folks who manage to convince her, She has a chance at the most powerful office in the free country? After what she did to David Letterman, last year, She could fall off of a log...for all I care. Talk about politricks, and twisting peoples words, Using her family for her own political gain; Which hasn't stopped, as she and her equally dilluded daughter sat on Oprah while the daughter claims to maintain abstinence till marriage? OMFreakingGosh....How ignorant, illiterate and unskilled she is, is NOT, even the frightening thing. It is the fact, there are more than one, two or three people following her around? And, believing in her? Stupid, dumb, ignorant people are perhaps the most dangerous people on earth. Their vote, could be looked at like a loaded gun...Waiting to go off. And, to think, she calls out the President who was a Senator, and went to law school. Ugghhh, she is a nightmare, her 15 minutes were up a long time ago. Get her off of the stage, already. The GOP is not recovering, no matter what it does. The party is done for and lost.

  3. Eva: I have no idea!

    The Me: Finally I've found someone more frustrated with everything than I am. I also agree that the GOP has gone off the deep-end. No matter what the Democrats do they're going to look good next to her.


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