February 8, 2010

Yet Again

I have become comfortably numb to the insanity of Illinois politics. Yesterday, the democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor stepped down after information came out that he was living with a prostitute, held a knife to her throat while threatening to kill her, sexually assaulted his wife, and was a steroid user prone to violent mood swings. Is his backup plan to become a baseball player? Watching the local news is like watching a novela (spanish soap opera) minus the basketball sized breasts. We have one former governor sitting in jail. His successor Rod "I'm blacker than Obama" Blagojevich will be joining him in prison soon enough (but not before starring on celebrity apprentice where his and Trump's hair will battle to the death for the title of worst haircut ever). The guy who ran against Obama for the Senate back in 2004 had to drop out because allegations surfaced that he forced his wife, a former Star Trek actress, to join him at wild orgy parties in Paris. Seriously, what the fuck is going on here? You can't make this shit up, no one would believe it.


  1. I have become comfortably numb to the insanity of politics, period.

  2. Fucking crazy people! That's about all I can say about politicians.

  3. sarah palin looking at her hand to read her notes on what her top 5 priorities were for the country, just after mocking obama in front of a tea party group for using a teleprompter. not as exotic as your examples though!!!

    i heart oregon.

  4. I am dying here. So, dying of laughter. Yea, politicians, what a joke. The state of this country and it's leaders is pathetic; It could be worse. You could live, in South Carolina and support, Joe Wilson? Portland Oregon's quiet pathetic little politics I guess isn't too bad. Our city mayor, is a homosexual and has been on the chopping block to be voted off of the island..and, managed to by pass, it a few times. His younger-male aide dalliance, of course? I am so sick; Escpecially, now sick of the haves, and have nots. There hasn't ever seemed to be a clearer line than now? Yet, there will still not be a health bill in what is supposed to be one of the wealthiest countries, to cover the poorest of the poor? But, you could bet, both houses of the Senate and Congress have excellent health coverage....And, long after they stop serving, this country and it's citizens, they will CONTINUE to have the best health and dental benefits? The states, have bore down, even more on the Native American indigenous tribes. Who have not ever recovered, to be economically stable? Politics, what a crock. I try very-very-very hard, to not be involved in any kind nor type of politics ever. Yet, quite often, I am caught up right in the middle of it, Some how.


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