March 9, 2010


Attending to some last minute Christmas shopping Elise was browsing the quaint shop looking for a trinket her auntie would display proudly in her China cabinet. Browsing the store had proved fruitless so far. Cutting out and grabbing a bite to eat seemed like a lot more fun. Debating with herself between Chinese and Mexican  as she made her way to the door she was surprised with an intriguing visitor. Elise had not seen this man since she was still an impressionable young lady that still blushed at the sight of a smiling young gentleman. Far from being innocent, yet even farther from being a jaded old maid, she was at the wonderful stage in a woman’s life where the world still seems before her not because she’s young and silly but because she’s matured and smart enough to realize that it actually is. Glenn was one of her first lovers but not the kind you look back upon with fondness. He was the one that promised her the world only to take everything she had, never to be seen again. Instead of thinking back on her sleepless, tear-filled nights or going into a rage over what he took from her she instead calmly looked at him with a beautiful young woman’s most potent weapon: indifference.

Just from a glance Glenn could tell she wasn’t the same sweet girl from his past. Killing him was the thought that he was at least partly responsible for turning that sweet, passionate girl into this cold and calculating young woman. Long ago, or so it seemed, he got a rush from seducing pretty girls. Men, some of them anyway, get a perverse thrill from holding a tender heart firmly in their fist until the last drop of blood spills onto the ground. Never again will she trust like that. Out of that destruction also came a lasting sense of guilt for Glenn. Proud as he is of the man he’s become, every time he sees one of “them” a feeling of dread and remorse overcomes him. Qualms aside, she is standing right there in front of him and he has to figure out how to proceed. Respectfully he slips her a pensive glance, hoping to spark a conversation that would let him apologize for his youthful indiscretions.

She looked at him with great disinterest as he stuttered and tried to speak. Though he sincerely wanted to open up, spill it out and close that painful chapter all he could do was smile like a jerk. Unable to break the ice he began to walk away and find a place to bury all those old memories. Vacantly, she watched him turn to leave when she said “Glenn?” with hesitation and curiosity. Wanting answers, for some strange reason, she asked how he’d been, what he does and all that sort of meaningless talk. Xanax should have been prescribed in this shop, the anxiety in the air was palpable. “You never called”, she said. “Zorry”, was his feeble reply.

Give me a break, it’s hard to find a good Z word to be the zenith of a story.
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  1. Haha I like it.

    zenith. good one. I see what you did there.

    (Thanks for your message on my last post)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, and your welcome.

  3. I was so engrossed with the story that I didn't notice the uppercase alphabets! And when I reached the end I was like, "d'uh!"...


    Great work!

  4. I'm with Johana, I didn't realize the alphabet until the end because I was captivated. Loved it!

  5. WOW. This is awesome. I'm impressed. I can't believe you managed a good plot alongside this whole alphabet trick.

  6. It's scary how I posted a comment here and you posted one on my blog at the EXACT same time.

  7. I am dually impressed. You paint a fantastic picture.

  8. This was a really intriguing story. It is almost sad that I hope for a moment like this one day. Sometimes it seems like it would just be nice to show them I lived after the pain they caused. But why does it matter? Anyway, I'm rambling. This was excellent, I felt it.

  9. Johana: I'm glad, I was worried the story was going to come out crap and too forced but I guess it came out OK.

    Holly: Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by.

    Kanwalful: I honestly thought it was going to come out lame, I'm surprised too. And yes, that is weird.

    Erika: Thanks!

    Eva: I think there are a few people in our lives we all want that moment with. I'm glad you liked it.

  10. Fabulous story! What made you think to weave the alphabet into it? What a great exercise to show some true versatility in your writing...

    Well done!

  11. How creative ~ at first I was wondering if you perhaps had a bit of OCD, bolding and increasing the font size slightly when you happened upon the next letter in the alphabet. (Please don't take that as an insult, so many genious creatives actually do/did have OCD!) Well played~

  12. i highly enjoyed this.

    haha :)

  13. I recognise Alphabetical Africa by Walter Abish here my friend, good work ;)

  14. But you did really well. Ha ha ha.

    XXX, Kim

  15. It came out OK? Why are you selling yourself short like that? It was AWESOME!

    That's why I'm giving you an award. Don't know if you're into this kinda thing but I felt I need to have you in my list! Go get it will ya? ;p

  16. Kathryn: Just a random idea I came up with.

    City Girl: No, I'm not OCD at all (tap tap tap, 1,2,3). And don't worry its pretty hard to offend me so feel free to say absolutely anything without worrying about insulting me.

    margg: Thanks!

    Tiffany: Well that makes me smile.

    Dan: Gonna have to check that out, glad you liked it.

    Kim: Thanks!

    Johana: I'm only cocky and arrogant in person, this is my alter ego here, it is the internet. Thanks for the award by the way.

  17. Chris... I saw this and I had to share it with you...


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