March 8, 2010

Deficit Spending

There is so much talk about reducing the deficit and runaway government spending. Why is there never talk about runaway government spending in the Defense Department? The United States, according to a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, spent 607 billion dollars on military expenditures in 2008. The country with the next highest military expenditures is China with 84.9 billion. No one else in the world even tops 100 billion yet we need to spend 600 billion? Out of all the money spent on defense in the entire world the United States spends 41% of it. If we cut military spending in half we could pay for health care and countless other domestic priorities and still spend 3.5 times the amount China spends on defense. The defense industry is such a huge lobby that no one has ever even mentioned cutting defense spending as a way to solve the nations problems. Two wars or not you can’t tell me a hundred billion a year couldn’t be trimmed from the defense budget without hurting our troops.


  1. Legaize pot and prostitution, tax the hell out of it. That may make a dent.

    Great write.

  2. I'm all for that too, Christine.

  3. Thank you for the kind words over at my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed the snippet, and if you like that you're sure to like a lot of the book I'm working on.

    Never seen Lost, but I'm glad you think I'd make a good writer for it :) I hear they always leave you hanging!

    Oh and I second Christine's comment! That cracked me up!

  4. Your blog is entertaining :)

  5. THANK YOU. And yes, legalize drugs (I think not just pot but all drugs, meth crime is crippling the community like crack...) and prostitution.

  6. I'm sure there are endless ways we could cut the deficit...and there are twice as many arguments against it.

    Everyone thinks they know the best way...and yet, nothing seems to ever get done.

    I've often wondered about the $$ spent on the space that really necessary? Especially NOW?

  7. I am so out of words today. I have clicked on and read this post three times and I still can't get the thoughts out of my head to leave a decent comment. All I can say is I think there's a lot of money being spent on nothing most of the time and it's a little irritating. I like your thoughts on it. Ugh, that was a crappy comment. Sorry.

  8. jen: Yea, I'm all for it. Legalize it!

    Hope: Thanks!

    Eco: Your welcome? Meth is a nasty, nasty drug. I'm glad it's not that big around here yet. Still mostly good ol fashioned crackheads here.

    Kathryn: I know NASA has been cut back over the last ten years or so dramatically. I'm sure there are places to save money everywhere but the big three things that eat up most of the budget are medicare, social security and the defense industry. I'd prefer to reduce the number of bombs than the other two.

    Eva: You need a day off Eva, you sound stressed! Don't feel pressure to just say something if you aren't into it but it is good to know you're lurking around.


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