March 22, 2010

"Don't Be Evil"

Google has stopped censoring search results in China and I tip my hat to them. A few months ago the Chinese government hacked the gmail accounts of a number of human rights activists. Google hacked them back and tensions with the the Chinese government had greatly increased. Today Google pulled the plug on the censored version of its omnipresent search engine. I'm assuming the uncensored Google has already been blocked by the government. I have to say I admire Google turning down a market of a billion-plus potential customers based on principle. In the frenzy of economic rape that's been taking place for a couple of decades now I can't remember any other multi-national corporations pulling out of China because what their government does is essentially evil. Remember when communism was supposed to be bad? Now our country is economically dependent on it. You know how we have sanctions against poor communist countries like Cuba because of their human rights abuses? Why aren't there sanctions against China? Now that communism is getting us cheap stuff at Wal-Mart all of that principled anti-communism is dead. You'd think all these huge companies that fund the anti-health care movement and label it socialism would take a stand against communism, wouldn't you?

Kudos to you Google, let's see if anyone has the principle to follow suit.


  1. Good job Google. This makes me proud of you. Money can't buy principles, well not this time anyway.

  2. I read on Mashable that Google is pulling out of China and going to Hong Kong?

  3. The fact that things like that happen in other countries and people here are complaining about the things they complain about makes me crazy! We are so lucky!

  4. Chinky: Yea, I think they deserve a bit of a pat on the back.

    Johana: Well, what they did was close down (China's site) and forwarded everyone who went there to (Hong Kong's site) which is uncensored.

    S.I.F.: It's amazing really. I wouldn't be able to post this very blog if I were in China write now. Tragic.

  5. i hope they stick to their guns on this, it's about damn time someone as big as them has the nerve to stand up to China.

    i heard china grows 90% of the world's garlic. something about organically grown food in china being shipped to the US and sold at walmart doesn't sit right. hmm.

  6. Good on you google. I heard this on the radio today and I tipped my hat too :)

  7. I think it's kind of crazy that it was ever censored. Glad things are changing.

  8. Eco: I'm sure they'll stick with it, I doubt China would let them back anyway. And yea, that's one of those head-scratchers.

    Katieleigh: Yea, it was cool.

    Holly: Internet censorship is the least of the problems there. People that try to make a stand by say, writing a blog, can be thrown in jail indefinitely. The human rights conditions there are reprehensible.


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