March 16, 2010

Dr. Brainwash or: How I Learned to Stop Thinking and Love Texas

According to everyone’s favorite source: Yahoo! News, Texas is the textbook capital of America. 80% of U.S. textbooks are printed in Texas. These textbooks have to meet guidelines imposed by the Texas School Board. The Texas School Board has endorsed these changes to the textbooks your kids will be using next year:

A reduced scope for Latino history and culture
Sorry fastest growing minority in America. Take your Pancho Villa and shove it.

A more positive portrayal of Cold War anticommunism
Yes, children. It turns out Joseph McCarthy was in fact an American hero. Who cares that he ruined the lives of countless Americans for only exercising their right to free speech? You care, Johnny? You go on teacher’s blacklist.

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson as a role model for effective leadership
Have the blood of thousands of Americans on your hands? Fear not, you can still be an American hero. At this rate I wonder how long it’ll take bin-Laden to get on Mt. Rushmore.

Now the one that has really infuriated me (so mad I even wrote parts with caps lock on):

Thomas Jefferson no longer included among writers influencing the nations intellectual origins
My head is going to explode. HE WROTE THE FUCKING DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! He wrote THE origin document for the United States of America. Without that beautiful piece of parchment we would not be a country. I can’t comprehend it. I don’t understand it. If there aren’t massive boycotts of textbooks from Texas I think we should kick them out of the union. How can we let our children be taught that the most important political writer and mind in American history isn’t that important? I never in my life thought a situation would arise where I'd be in favor of book burning. It is an outrage and a travesty and I’m just honestly fucking pissed.


  1. I understand your frustration and as a 2 year resident living in Houston, Texas I am appalled at what is happening, you make excellent points and at the moment I am ashamed to have this happening.

    Thomas Jefferson not being included is just ridiculous, and your use of foul language I'm full agreement with!!! How the hell does any of it make sense?! Good Lord what is the world coming too!!

  2. Can I tell you what's more frustrating? I work in the Texas educational system. ... 'nuff said, my friend!


  3. That is outraging - I would be in all caps too - IN FACT, I AM NOW - BECAUSE THAT'S JUST RIDICULOUS! So glad I'm not a parent yet... otherwise this would skyrocket my blood pressure beyond belief.

  4. hey don't worry, kids nowadays don't even know who tom jefferson even was right? more playstation, more iphone, more jersey shore.

    reminds me of that classic mike judge movie 'idiocracy'. now get out the gatorade.

  5. I homeschool my kids, not because I'm super religious or conservative, but because I'm an atheist and super liberal. I read an article about this last night, and yes, I thought my head would explode. I am just stunned beyond words. Stunned, angry because the majority of kids are taught in the public school system, sad that they are in effect rewriting history....this is nauseating.

  6. I could not believe, it when I read the story, yesterday! It urked (Did I spell that correctly?) me beyond belief. Texas can cede from the Union; And, actually with this new news~~I Wish they would, already. They make no significant contribution to the diversity, true history of this country. Unless, you count the Bush administration(s) as positive contributions. Native American indigenous tribes are already, fully lacking in all history texts across the country.

  7. The world is falling apart. It's official, this proves it. I think I'll go shut my brain down now and be ignorant like everyone else so I don't need to think about it.

    You give me hope that at least someone else is seeing what I see.

  8. THANK GOODNESS for people like you, Christopher talking about these things. 'Cos how would I know otherwise. And I agree with you.

    There are a lot of dumb-ass people in the world and many of these get to positions of power. They make stupid decisions. Been going on since the beginning of time. So how do dumb-ass people get to the top - 'it's not what you know but who you know' and er ... being rich.

    The good news is ... intelligent, passionate and talented (and I suspect cute too) people like yourself speaking out. Thank you.:)


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