March 25, 2010

EcoGrrl is Awesome!

Do you know EcoGrrl from EcoGrrl Speaks...? No? Well you really should. I was so lame until I met EcoGrrl, OK I still am, but I got a little less lamer just because I came across her page. Seriously, I was pretty much Steve Urkel with vitiligo before I met her, now I'm just Steve Urkel. Yes that's right, she cured my Michael Jackson disease. I didn't even ask her to, she just did it. She just casually said that I should go out and enjoy the spring and 'poof' all the white blotches that covered my entire body were gone. According to EcoGrrl and all her voodoo magic if you go out in the sun that pasty white skin will slowly start to brown, who knew?

Speaking of outdoors she's like really awesome when it comes to all that natural green stuff I'm always seeing on my TV that's powered by a gas generator because I'm just not completely sure that no solar power gets into my building's sockets. She has this awesome garden that she's been working on and since she's so smart and awesome she can actually get stuff to grow in it. Stuff you can eat! I know, right? Awesome! All I've ever grown in my life was a 2-inch pot plant.

Oh, and she makes these organic truffles, too. You can buy some just click on this link here or on the picture below. I've never had them but they look delicious. Even if I did have some I could never bring myself to actually eat one. I'm not worthy of touching anything that was ever in contact with her delicate hands. I'd seriously be so thankful to anyone that would try one and describe over the phone what it's like to taste the manna of the God's. Don't mind the heavy breathing I have weak lungs because I'm so lame.

As you may remember towards the end of my review of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy I said the following in regards to the novel:
"Give it an honest shot, if you don't enjoy it I'll write a blog dedicated to you and you're awesomeness and of me and my lameness."
 In response to my post EcoGrrl left the following comment:
"darlin' this is where you and i differ. get to writing about my super awesomeness.

i was always intimidated by it but then (don't laugh), it was on oprah's book club so i thought, okay if they can do it, i can do it. it took me 2 weeks to go about 50 pages, i just was not drawn into it at all. when i don't care about the characters or what happen to them, i don't see much use in continuing, so, like with (gasp!) Kerouac, I finally just said hell with it and shut the book and sold it back to Powell's. sorry dude ;("
While I disagree with EcoGrrl's assessment of a novel I absolutely fell in love with I did give my word. Luckily, this post was easy to write because EcoGrrl is really awesome. I've always enjoyed her blog (even if it reminds me how lazy I am when it comes to sustainability) and she's always left insightful comments on my blogs (even if I didn't particularly enjoy this one). Even if I hadn't lost a bet I'd still say that.

Sometimes being a man of your word sucks but the offer on my Anna Karenina blog still stands because I'd love for everyone to read it. You really can't lose here. Either you'll enjoy an amazing novel or you'll get to listen to me go on and on about how awesome you are and how lame I am (which is hard for me because I have very high opinions of myself).


  1. Hahaha you make me laugh :)

    I love that book.

  2. Well you followed through on your word. And you sung her praises wonderfully.

  3. Steve Urkel is about right...

  4. It's nice to see a man who's not afraid to announce his lame-ness.

    Somehow, it makes you come across as even betta!

  5. Meow, Urkel! Do you wear your pants real high too? You crack me up. After sideways rain ended my Last Thursday debut before it began, it was good to come home out of the wind and rain and see this. Almost makes me want to give AK another try, you say? Nope. Read the Population Bomb and tell me your thoughts then who knows, I've been known to try anything once, maybe even twice...

  6. Oh PS just for that you earn a sampler, drop me a note on my blog if you want and I'll send a few your way.


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