March 10, 2010


My great grandmother was a terrible pack-rat. When we finally had to pry her from her overrun house there were only little paths left to walk around on. The house she’d lived in for some 50 odd years was filled with random junk that she just couldn’t part with. She had a drawer full of little Baskin-Robbins spoons for crying out loud. She defended her junk the best she could. The first time my mother and grandmother went over to clean it they were chased out with an umbrella. The second time they just kidnapped her for a couple weeks and had a dumpster sent over. She survived the Great Depression, people learned to value things back then.

I wonder how these times will affect our generation. Will we still have the original 20lb Ipods stuffed in the bottom of our closets when we’re in our 70’s? I tend to have high aspirations for our generation. We seem to be more practical than the bipolar baby boomers that went from peace, love and hippie communes to conservative devils like Karl Rove. We don’t do excess nearly as well as they did back in the 80’s when greed was still hip and coke wasn’t completely cut to shit. We’re well educated. We have information access on levels never thought imaginable even 30 years ago. More than that we talk to each other. It’s hard to hate someone  you know. It’s hard to destroy a country when you have friends that live there. In the couple months I’ve been blogging here I’ve read the inner thoughts and desires of people from all parts of the world and you know what? I’d like to see them succeed.

I don’t see the world being such a scary place twenty years from now. A big reason for that will be us. Don’t despair no matter how tough things seem now. We’re the sober generation. Ten years from now when we look back at what we’ve accomplished will be able to hold our heads high and toast to a better world.

I truly believe this with all of my heart.
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  1. I love your optimism for the future state of our world. I pray you're right. There do seem to be a lot more people of our generation preaching love and tolerance and a globalized community - so we might be on our way...

  2. I hope you are right about our generation. I think there is something to the fact that we all are connected through the internet. I, too, read people's blogs from all over the world. I love every single person's blog I read and I hope they succeed.

    The baby boomers were pretty bipolar, nice way to put it!

  3. LOL "Sober Generation" That's an interesting perspective. Your optimism is sure to be contagious.

  4. I Love that you believe this. I would like to believe it too. I think perhaps we all should.

  5. If your great grandma was still around we could call Niecy Nash on her.
    She's the host of the less depressing alternative to 'Hoarders'

  6. FABULOUS post, my friend! Very eloquent....very upbeat and downright hopeful!

    I hope you're right in your prediction....I'd love to think that my sons will have the life you've described waiting for them in the future.

    The fact that everything's getting smaller (technologically speaking, of course) is a good place as any to start...

    PS: Would you consider removing the word verification? It's such a PITA!

  7. You're a very smart man. I like that. I agree with your optimism for the future, its the only way to think about it or we'll never get out alive!

  8. now if only more people these days could SPELL...


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  12. You are such an optimist, Christopher. Truly! I do think, though, that we tend to cling to "things" when we're in our older years. It seems to fill a need. I imagine some of us will be clinging to our iPods, or our something elses that fill that hole. Hopefully not many of us, though. Hopefully...


  13. Christopher Robin,
    What a great-grandmother she sounds interesting. I don't know if it, is so much, people of a generation who are pack rats. My BFF is 93, and she isn't a pack rat. I've a lot of other lady friends who are great-grandma's too (I went to a catholic Bible study, At home, Sheesh. Whaddya expect?) who were not of the pack rat variety. I did however work with a lady who was older; Not, as old as the Catholic lady friends but...Old nonetheless, in her 70's (Young, next to my BFF.) who is a pack rat much like you described. No one liked to visit her. Because, to preserve her whatever-it-was she was hoarding, or saving, or whatever her house had an odd scent to it. And there wasn't any where to sit. I don't even, think she could use her fireplace because of the stuff piled up on it?
    I don't know if I can be counted in your generation; I consider myself older with the experiences I have had. And,I don't know if the future is real optimistic. I just know, it's coming. The world is surely changing, I was embarrassed last night to talk to a friend of mine about working again. And, how I'd like to buy new shampoo's again; And have luxuries. It is embarrassing, I think to want such things when there has been such devastation in whole countries. Not to mention right here on the homefront. I know the things I value, are taking different shapes, forms and definitely have lower prices. And embarrassingly I have no Ipod. I wouldn't even know how to use one. I have no cell phone (I refuse to accessible to people; And, be a slave to an electronic device.) I don't know if I'm overly optimistic. How'd we get to be the sober generation? Was not this economic depression almost as bad; Is not the face of the work force changing? Hmmm, something to think about. I know, I value a good book about or by Vladimir Nabokov, or a literature compilation....A hot cup of coffee, or a cold glass of juice....or a night vegging to a weeks worth of recent The View episodes....Nah, this doesn't sound like your generation, Does it?

  14. Can't blame her for being a Hoarder. I use to hold on to things for dear life. & I love the optimism I'd like to believe that way also.

  15. Oh My Gosh! I have been dying to see that new show on A&E (I think) that airs tonight about Hoarders. It is so fascinating to me.

  16. I find your optimism appealing. I think it's a sad commentary when we live in an age where optimism such as you have described is out of vogue.

    If people filled their hearts with optimistic ideals the way your grandmother filled her house with cherished and loved objects, the world would be a much better place.

    Thanks BTW for stopping by my place and for becoming a follower. I appreciate it.


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