March 15, 2010

U.S./Israeli Relations

The Israelis have been pushing and pushing against the U.S. for the last decade. Despite U.S. efforts from Democratic and Republican Administrations alike to finally come to a settlement with the Palestinians the Israeli government is simply hell-bent on doing whatever  they want. Since the creation of Israel the United States has been the closest, and currently only, ally of the Jewish state. A change in tactics is clearly needed because Israel has become too pig-headed to make any compromises - ever. Announcing the settlement of 1,600 new homes in disputed East Jerusalem in front of Vice President Joe Biden was a deliberate slap to the face of U.S. peace efforts and only adds to instability in the Middle East. Why should we kiss Israel's ass when they won't even show us diplomatic respect? Israel would not exist were it not for our support. Both Iraq wars were at least partly waged to reduce threats to the Israeli state.

If Israel does not want a serious cooling in relations with the United States I think they should seriously consider how much more lonely the world would look without our financial and military support. The Jewish voting bloc in the United States is not nearly as important as it has been and a significant change in U.S./Israeli relations for the first time in history is not unthinkable. I seriously hope the Israeli people send a message to their leaders soon that peace is needed and needed soon. That concessions should be made. That things aren't hopeless. I sincerely want Israel to continue to be one of our strongest allies. I pray, for Israel's sake, that it wants the same.
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  1. why aren't we looking out for Scottish interests? i'm scottish and no one seems to be battling for me except in mel gibson movies... hmm. again, if we shrunk the budget on things like this and spent it on education for our own children, the world would be so different...

  2. Deep and real with a side of wit. Just the way I like it.

  3. Sounds about right to me. Good call.

  4. I don't understand why the world isn't boycotting Israel, the way they have been carrying on lately?

    XXX, Kim

  5. I really admire the fact that you wrote this post.

    I agree with Kim. After reading Alice Walker's blog, I too, have attempted to boycott Israeli products.


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