March 30, 2010

Viva la Devolution!

I will be impressed by anyone who can tell where this image is from.
So things have been getting a bit nutty here in the good 'ol U.S. of A. Well, more nutty than normal anyhow. Since health care passed last week death threats have been filling up the mailboxes of Democratic Congressmen and women around the country. That's probably normal nutty, right? Then their offices start getting bricked. Uh oh. Wait not just bricked but shot at? Eeek. Fuel lines in homes cut? Yikes. Then on the same day a man confessed to plotting against President Obama's life it turns out an anti-government "Christian" militia was planning to kill a Detroit cop and then bomb his funeral to kill all the cops in attendance in order to insight some sort of civil war. Jesus Fucking Christ!

I really wouldn't be surprised if I turned on the TV in the next couple days and read about a Congressman getting shot. Do we really want the '60's back? Sure the music was awesome but I get the feeling this unrest will be more death metal and less Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I guess this is just kind of how history works. When things change people become scared. We're better off because of the conflicts in the 60's after all. I pray it doesn't take the death of anymore Kennedys or Kings to make it happen. We all know our country has some serious structural issues that need to be addressed and will have to be addressed in the next 10 years. We can't escape the pile of absolute shit that the baby-boomers heaped on us. Let's just try to lay off the booze and guns and work this out, we're all hurting.

To the angry nutjobs of America if you don't agree with me then look back at history. The Kennedy Assassination only made it easier to pass Civil Rights legislation. Violence will only push people further left and solidify the positions of the right as extreme, dangerous and bad for the country. Change is like the monster under the bed, it only seems scary.


  1. You are so right. I love your take on politics and current events. Apparently the crazies are getting pissed. Geesh.

  2. I can't believe any of this crazy shit either. People did go nuts. It's kinda weird that my mom goes to me all the time that this was what the "60's" & "70's" was like. You never knew what idiot was going to do what next.

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  4. "Change is like the monster under the bed..."
    I love this.

    I will never understand why ppl think that violence breeds positive change.

    Who thinks that way, besides someone who doesn't think at all??

  5. It's scary. I wasn't aware of these things happening. You're the only who'd write about politics and I would read it! ;p

  6. there was a great piece on the news about the same exact thing happened way back when when a certain president did the unthinkable and got a little thing called Social Security passed...i am so proud of our president for not giving up or giving in...while i think it should be universal healthcare, this is a tremendous step forward for our country.

  7. Saw my name (V = Viva) and came running over. Regardless of how unintentional, thanks for attaching it to such an outstanding post. Beats the hell out of paper towels.

    Why be afraid? Without change, nothing can get better. Sadly, this country propagates fear. It's no surprise we reap what we sow.

    The Adicts, Maybe an EP cover of Viva La Rev.? Or do you mean Alex from Clockwork Orange? Great movie.


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