March 6, 2010

What's that smell? Spring must be in the air.

It is nearly 50 degrees here in the City of Chicago. The White Sox are kicking the Cubs ass in a spring training game. I went out to grab a six-pack and people were walking around and actually smiling. I haven't seen that since September. Now what, you may ask, would one have for lunch while watching baseball and knocking back a few beers? The answer is obvious to any good Chicagoan: a couple of good old fashioned Chicago-style hot dogs. I think at this point the debate is settled and Chicago officially has the best hot dogs in the world. If die-hard New Yorker and uber-awesome travel show host Anthony Bourdain can admit that we have the best hot dog in the world I think the case is settled. For those of you that disagree - try one. I realize all of you can't just hop on the #8 and go to Maxwell Street like I can so I posted a video with the correct instructions on how to make your very own. Although, I don't even know if you can get neon green relish in the rest of the world. Enjoy.

Ketchup is for posers.


  1. *gasps* I love me some Ketchup! ;p

  2. don't be dissin' ketchup now...of course i started making my own homemade and it's a different creature than that squeeze bottle stuff...

    love how intoxicating the sunshine is and how everyone's so much nicer to each other on a beautiful day..

  3. I actually lived just outside Chicago in a town called Aurora for a while. I love Chicago. I miss Chicago. I love reading posts about Chicago. :)

  4. Oh man.
    I reallllly feel like a proper hot dog now :(

  5. Johana: Ketchup is OK, on fries. It's a sin putting it on a hot dog. It overwhelms the taste.

    Eco: That sounds tasty, although I still wouldn't put it on a hot dog.

    Sharon: I'll make sure to start writing more just for you Sharon. Glad you enjoyed it here.

    little bird: Sorry for encouraging you to eat mystery meats! Just don't think about it and go for it.

  6. I hate, to admit, how good that hot dog looks...And the peppers and the poppy seed bun....

  7. Today is THAT day. Its going to be 58. It is so exciting I could spit. I woke up not feeling miserable, and I didn't want to punch people when I got into work. And yes I would love to be at a baseball spring training game right now and I could go for a kickass hotdog right now! I do love how spring makes people suck less. Myself included!

  8. Portland's girl: Just have one!

    Boomka: Great isn't it?

  9. Ketchup is totally for posers!


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