April 30, 2010

Hey Chris?

"Can I borrow fifty dollars? I want to go to dinner and see this play with my friend. Mom and Dad just got their car fixed and won't have any money till next week so they said to ask you. Please?". My little sister asked.
"Who are you going with?"
"Whose taking you?"
"Where are you going for dinner?"
"I don't know, a burger place or something."
"How will you want burger cooked?"
"Chris can I borrow money or not? I could have asked Jen if I knew you'd be this much of a pain."
"Oh come on, you knew I'd be a pain."
"You're such an ass. Burger? Umm probably medium well."
"Now who is this Cinderella exactly? It sounds like a stripper name."
"You know who Cinderella is Chris! Glass slipper, blue dress and ugly step-sisters. I watched the movie all the time when I was little."
"She wears glass heels and that's supposed to make me think she's not a stripper? She has no father figure in her life and her mother and step-sisters abuse her. Sounds like a stripper to me."
"They're not heels, they're slippers, and there's only one."
"Only one? Is she some kind of one-legged stripper? We're really getting into some strange territory now." I say as I hear laughs in the background.
"So is that a yes?"
Yea come by on your way I'll be home after work.
"Thank you!"


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. IS this a real conversation?! You sound like a really whacked out, annoying brother.

  2. Hey Chris, Can I borrow 50 dollars? Ahh, you are such a soft touch, I'd be able to wind you around my little finger lol

  3. I could use 50 bucks too. PS I thought you should know I'm number 100. Just saying :)



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