April 1, 2010


So I haven't really been into the whole blogging thing lately. For a while there inspiration just came everyday and I could crank out something worth reading (in my opinion) regularly. I don't know if it's that it's now springtime in Chicago and women are walking around in skirts again which makes me not really give two-shits about a computer screen but I think I'll probably shut this thing down. It was fun while it lasted but sometimes hobbies just get shoved under the bed with the stamp collection. I've found some really cool, really interesting people here and I'll definitely miss you. I might even stop by every once in a while and leave stalkerish anonymous comments. It sucks that a few bad eggs ruined my omelet bar but that's life. I've gotten some pretty creepy emails lately that just, yea. Turning me off nearly completely to this whole thing. "Hey Christopher! I love your blog I read it everyday. You're so funny and talented, you really should try to get published! You have to give me a signed copy of your book though made out to your #1 fan!" Just emails like that, creeps me the fuck out. At first I didn't think anything of it, thought it was sweet. Then they start attaching pictures that, odds are, aren't of them. Then my dumb ass just has to go opening them after I've been drinking, real smart. Next thing you know I'm sending out pictures of my cock to complete strangers. God, I thought drunk texting was bad. Drunk blogger is just pure evil. Now there's some guy named Lisa out there doing God knows what to print-outs of my cock. I'm so glad TMZ doesn't give a shit about bloggers. Anyhow, I'm gonna leave it up for a week or so in case I change my mind, but I really doubt it at this point.


  1. Noooooooooo! I like your blog. The writing is brilliant and it keeps me up to date on politics. My husband reads it too. Now that I think about it, was that creepy? Am I a creeper? Oh well, I vote for you keeping the blog. Don't post your e-mail if it's a problem. Pleeeeeaaaasssse.

  2. What's wrong? ... Spring comes along and all my favourite men disappear.

    Hey, the women in skirts thing just explained it and just gave me a brilliant idea. I should pack up for a while too and get out with my skirt ... Ha! Much better getting wolf whistled than cyber stalked anyway.

    For what it's worth you make me laugh. You always have. :)

  3. I say, that is a tragic turn of events. But as the net is 90% cesspool it is not too uncommon. Similar things have happened to me in the past, especially the *ahem* dick thing. We will be men though.
    Even if you drop the blog, keep on writing my man. There is something there that needs to be let out. Best wishes.

  4. Dammit. The emails creeped you out? I didn't mean for them to. But, really those pictures were of me. I promise! And I do love you and your blog.

    Your #1 Fan!!

    PS- Today is April 1st...and you almost had me. But then I sprouted a brain.

  5. This better be an April fools joke or I will really miss your blog.

  6. where did 'meh' come from? all the kids these days use that and it just makes me feel old and clueless. meh.

  7. No!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't leaveeeeee! Puhlease dont leave the blogging world!


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