April 22, 2010


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For weeks now she’d been tossing and turning all night, every night. The stress had been eating her alive. Friends and family have been draining everything from her. Hell, there have even been incidents with complete strangers that have made her want to pull her hair out. She’s exhausted but unable to rest. She’s one of those women that’s incapable of being selfish so she works herself to death trying to help everyone else figure things out. She doesn’t bitch or complain about it, she’s just that kind of girl.

As she finally drifts away into dreamland she finds herself at her best friends house. She’s high again, of course. Her friend’s asshole ex-husband is there with his psychotic fiancé.  They’re there to pick up the kids and drop off an 8ball. “Some child support“, she mumbles to herself. She looks at her friend and wonders what the fuck happened to the little girl that would run barefoot through the sprinkler with her and the young woman that wouldn’t shut up about how wonderful her high school sweetheart is. She looks into her friend’s vacant eyes and then remembers why. A single, solitary tear runs down her cheek. Her face becomes red as she becomes enraged. She reaches for a baseball bat and smashes everything in the house until she collapses on the floor and sobs into her folded knees.
She hears a blowing howl, then a loud crack followed by a ripping sound more terrifying than anything she can remember. She looks up suddenly and sees the roof violently rip off the house. Water starts crashing in on her. She’s panicking and struggling to breathe when she’s sucked down a giant pipe with tons of water chasing her down. She bangs her head, arms and legs against the giant iron pipe as it twists and turns its way to locations unknown. Eventually it dumps her into a giant pool of water. Her momentum carries her to the bottom of the reservoir and the force of the water from the pipe keeps her there. She struggles to swim towards the top but exhaustion and lack of will force her to give up. She feels she’ll never reach dry land so why bother? The air is almost gone from her lungs now. Her limp, nearly lifeless body just floats there underwater motionlessly. A beautiful light then appears above her. The pressure ceases and she slowly begins rising to the top. A warm, enveloping feeling tingles through all the veins of her body. She can’t tell if it’s the light or the asphyxiation that’s making her like this. She wonders for a moment if she is already dead. The last bubble of air escapes from her mouth and rises to the surface. She feels peace, finally.

She rolls out of bed and heads for the shower. She feels strained but more optimistic than she did the night before. The water rolls down her face and down her body. She closes her eyes and finally feels released.


  1. Hauntingly beautiful imagery.

  2. That was beautifully written. Your words conjure up vivid images in my head when I read your posts. Keep it up! ;p

  3. Christopher the picture alone put me in the right place, with such beautiful and eerie descriptions I couldn't help but want to know more. It was amazing, truly amazing!

  4. Really fantastic writing Christopher!

  5. Wow...fabulous piece! So, we assume she's still alive, right? It's one of those "I'm not quite sure what just happened" pieces that I enjoy so much.

  6. ...frighteningly well done, Darling. You put weight and words to a feeling that isn't easily captured, or explained.


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