May 4, 2010

This Sucks

I'm so sick of these ultra-left wing hippies that put the "environment" before the economy...

Oh wait...


  1. Yeah...I mean oil comes from nature right? It comes in handy to grease the palms of pollies and heads of corporations.
    And it looks kinda pretty, that bluey/orangey colour in the ocean. Like a major art installation. I'm with you buddy!

  2. Haha. I like this. I HATE the oil spills...but yeah...

  3. Rush Limbaugh thinks that the oil is natural and if only we'd let it be, the ocean water would take care of the problem. And he wasn't joking or being ironic.

    Nothin like blending something that's obviously true (like crude oil is natural) with a truth that doesn't hold in the world as we know it (like the idea that the ocean water would actually be left alone long enough for it to balance itself back out and repopulate all the animals who are dying as a result of this oil spill).

  4. Oh..this situation is such a mess. Literally and figuratively. And the negative impact is so vast.

  5. you know what sucks? less words. need new dose, please write soon.


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