July 22, 2010

Almost Stranger Than Fiction...

Ten safety deposit boxes filled with unpublished papers by the great Franz Kafka have turned up. Sadly, they all appear to be trapped in a bureaucratic hell similar to something Kafka himself might have invented. Kafka famously told one of his friends to burn all his writings after his death. Thankfully for the world his friend did not honor his wishes. Now there is a dispute on how the works were intended to be handled through successive wills as the writings changed hands over generations. I'm a huge Kafka fan and this is way more exciting to me than the possibility of finding any lost Salinger novels (cough overrated cough). What if Kafka did actually finish one of his novels? What if another masterpiece of creativity is buried in one of those safety deposit boxes? I hope this all gets settled quickly because I can't wait to see what comes out of this.


  1. hmm, interesting thought as reading that makes me think his friend was a jerk - abiding by his wishes in respect of the dead man's wishes seems to me more appropriate than getting at these for our own benefit.

  2. That is a pretty awesome thing, I'm a huge Kafka fan and find his writing incredibly inspiring.
    Interesting philosophical question though, especially if looked at through the lens of utilitarian philosophy. Does not burning them bring greater good to humanity than respecting one man's wishes?

  3. Eco: Yea, one argument is that Kafka told his friend that because he knew he wouldn't do it, but who knows.

    Dan: I agree, right or wrong I'm glad the work is still around.


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