July 24, 2010

The Death of America

I think we're slowly bleeding out. Despite claims to the contrary we desperately in need of socialism in this country. The middle class is pretty non-existent today. But, we have HD TV's so we don't really notice it. We need to do something drastic, like tax the rich 90% of their income. We used to do it and the country was a lot stronger then. It's better than a bloody revolution someday isn't it? Once a week a church I live near takes in the homeless. The line gets longer every week, it makes me want to cry. Nobody really seems to care though, look how hard it was just to get unemployment benefits extended? All we have to do is tax the fuck out of the top 10%. They've made their money by sending our jobs to China anyway, why are we so concerned with what they want? It's ass-backwards and we need to change it. Until we stop believing the hype that our system is working for us we're going  to stay on life support. At least we'll be able to watch jersey shore though.


  1. seriously truthful. i hear the rich complain about taxes on bags at the store and ??? wtf

  2. Blatant truth. I absolutely agree with you... If USA does not keep up with itself it is slowly going to turn into a Heidi Montag of a country. Which is not cool. =(

  3. That is so true. Very well said.
    Loved your thorough thoughts!!
    Have a great Sunday!
    B :)

  4. so, i'm actually rather glad you're writing again.

    it's interesting to read.

  5. Eco: Yea, there's a big stink about extending unemployment benefits but letting tax cuts expire on the rich would be a huge mistake! Give me a break.

    Kanwalful: Ha! Great way to put it! We have some serious internal structural things we need to pay attention to before we weaken ourselves too much.

    Betty: Thanks for coming by glad you enjoyed it!

    margg: Thanks so much, I'm glad to be able to read your stuff again too! You're awesome.

  6. Could not be more on point. Love it.

  7. I completely agree with you.

    I'm from Europe, and I think our system is more

    supportive of the poor, even though we don't

    go far enough with taking the homeless off the

    streets. It's heartbreaking to see families

    torn apart because they were behind on

    mortgage payments. Individual wealth creation

    is wonderful, but I believe in a morally

    responsible socialist system that supports

    the weakest in society by providing a decent

    standard of living including free healthcare

    and a good education for their children.


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