July 27, 2010

Slowpaced or Sh**faced?

Random photo I found on Google Images by typing in Door County (Click Image for source).
I am now 28 years old and I've been working real jobs for about 4 years now. How do you know what a real job is? You get vacation time. Vacation time is awesome. It's like a real-life get-out-of-jail-free card. Getting old sucks. I actually like my job, yet I still compare taking a week off to having a prison sentence commuted. It'll never get better, will it?

Before I digress to the point of full blown tangent I'd like to refocus on the purpose of this post: what the hell do I do on vacation? I'm taking a whole week off next week and going up to scenic Door County, Wisconsin. I've never been there myself but I hear its supposed to be very pretty, very quiet and the towns are supposed to be very small. I'm sure to most of you that sounds like a wonderful place to relax and recharge right? Well it leaves me completely F'n clueless. I'm a city boy through and through and will not know what to do with myself with all that time and not very much excitement.

Normally, when I use vacation time, I take off Friday and Monday and high tail it to New York, Denver, Milwaukee, Kansas City, or even just go wild here in Chicago for a few days. These trips are almost always poorly planned, poorly financed, spur of the moment and extremely rushed. My friends and I come home late Monday night, hungover and exhausted only to call in Tuesday morning. This trip is to be completely the opposite of that. This feels, well, grown-up.

I know I'll be Kayaking one day, doing this zip-line tour thing one day and probably cycling a bit and visiting a few wineries. Other than that I'll be on my own quite a bit in the middle of nowhere (especially since the people I'm going with are two sets of couples so I'll the fifth wheel). Help me please! What do grown-ups do at places like these? Save me from playing fill-up-the-recycling-bin-with-wine-bottles all weekend.


  1. Try trip advisor. All the 'adults ' seem to go there. haha. Youll have a great time!

    Ps maybe there is a music concert going on;)

  2. Sounds like you might get some writing done. Some peaceful, quiet, alone time to reflect.

    Heh. Yeah, I don't know what I'd do with myself either.

    Hey thanks for the follow of at the new blog. We're certifiably insane, so it should be interesting. (At least she is anyway).

  3. Laurel: I'll have to check that out! I've got all this propaganda stuff from the tourism bureau there but I can't tell much from that. And I hope so! I saw there was some classical music concerts were going on but I'd really like some Jazz!

    Tiffany: Yea, I'm bringing my laptop and a stack of books so I'll have that at least. And yea, you two had me cracking up with that video, look forward to see what you ladies come up with.

  4. leave all your shit at home, bring your journal and a pen and record your thoughts the old fashioned way if you must. bring a change of clothes, your wallet and just relax. vacations with plans are not vacations, at least to me - do whatever you feel like when you get there. talk to locals, don't talk to locals. eat, drink. do NOT bring your laptop. i'd avoid trip advisor myself just because vacations to me are about learning the town myself rather than following other recommendations. but that's just me.

  5. I don't know what I'd do on a 'grown-up' vacation. Maybe sightseeing or something like that. I know, I'm no help :)

  6. Yikes. You'll have to find some local attraction-stuff....either in the hotel lobby or in the local paper. I'd try *really hard* to remember the stuff you daydream about doing when you're sitting behind your desk at work...and do THAT.

  7. Christopher Robin:

    The boy who never grew up! Yay, your trip sounds absolutely delightful would you relax, untense and breathe in, breathe out, one. two. three, breathe. I had to return home to the sticks for a family deal recently. No cell phone, service--wi fi...NOTHING...but, real live talking walking thinking people and nature! After a few days of comprehending the silence dear man, I found the rhythm of my heartbeat....which had been drowned out by the sounds of the city eons ago....Have fun....relax, realize all of those tense places and let them loose....Kayaking! How grown up is that...paddling around in the water....your inner boy will probably be dying to splash someone with water...DON'T do it....unless it is a real good friend....

  8. Oh that sounds awesome, right up my alley. Hmm I would say the best way to enjoy your time there is to just embrace the quiet and try to slow down. I used to be a city girl myself but found that waking up everyday of vaca with a hangover totally sucked the fun out of the day - imagine that! :o) Have fun!

  9. Eco: Don't worry, despite being an Urban Planner outside of work I never plan anything out so I'll definitely be going with the flow. Unfortunately I do have to bring my laptop because I didn't exactly have enough vacation time for this so I have to do some (not much) work from up there. Definitely have pen, paper, and a bunch of books packed though.

    Eva: Thanks for trying anyway!

    Kathryn: I think I'd get arrested if I did the stuff I daydream at work about up there.

    Portland's girl: That's the kind of time I'm hoping for! Hopefully I'll get it right.

    Blonde: Slow down... slow down... I'm gonna try, been years since I've actually done it well. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Hmmm…you’re the first person I came across that hates vacations:) I suggest that u can take a part-time job in your vacation;)

  11. This is hilarious...I find myself not knowing what do with with all my free time and it drives me nuts. I guess its just a city person's persona...We are too use to slaving away...


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