August 9, 2010


She kissed me. She likes to kiss. I do too, just not her. She's the easy option. She's the cop out. It's not her fault, she's a nice girl. Annoying at times, but who isn't? Soon I'll pluck her first petal. She loves me. Then the next. She loves me not. I'll work my way around her body. She loves me. Dissecting her piece by piece. She loves me not. Eventually I'll get bored. She loves me. My deft touch will yank that last petal and set it sailing in the wind, never to be heard from again. She loves me not.
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  1. i feel that this is very honest.
    i really like it.

  2. ah but why kiss anyone who's not fun to kiss? a waste of perfectly good lips, i say...

  3. Aren't all girls the nice ones until a boy plucks her petals? Seems like it. I love how you write.

  4. Christopher Robin, You so bad! I, so enjoy this writing. Your writing at times makes me feel, like I write with a big fat I search to express myself as you have done so excellently, here! Now, lemme get my crayon box and begin, again.....

  5. 'I do too, just not her.'


    I can't wait until you fall in love ... 'Cos I'm gonna really enjoy your writing even more, than I already do. lol :)

  6. It's hard to choose between sticking with the one who will love you madly or wait/look for the one you will madly love.


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