August 17, 2010

Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga: A Review

I've wanted to read this book for years now. For some reason I never got around to it. I've got this weird thing where I resent paying Borders full price for a book. I'm not usually a cheap bastard. I buy a crap-load of DVD's at full price so who knows. I generally shop for books in this little used bookstore near work that is packed with classics that only cost 50 cents apiece.Then back in July I got hooked on Ebay for a few weeks and ended up scoring a box full of Hunter S. Thompson stuff for only 14 bucks! I rule.

After that much buildup you'd think I'd be in for a letdown but Hunter did not disappoint. Yes, we are on a first name basis. I've had a man crush on him since I first watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas stoned out of my mind back when I was 14. If I was going to bang a dead writer that wasn't Russian it'd be him. Hell, he's even been portrayed in film by two of my other long-standing man-crushes Johnny Depp and Bill 'mutha-fuckin' Murray. There's a synergy about the whole thing.

The book is amazing. It's objective, biased, horrifying and profound. At times you feel like you're reading a nature book on some brutish animal and at other times you feel like you're peeking into the soul of all mankind. There is never a dull moment and at times you feel scared for the author. At other times you feel jealous that he's partying with Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey and the Hell's Angels while everyone is out of their gourd on LSD.

It was definitely a different time. A time I'd love to visit and this is a book that lets me do just that. Check it out, even if you have to pay full price.


  1. ok i almost stopped reading when you listed bill murray as your man crush. hmph. good recommendations otherwise (although i think johnny depp is just a sweet transvestite...). hope your 5th wheel trip was chill :)

  2. Thanks for this post. I've missed reading you and smiling with you here.




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