September 3, 2010


It's natural for things to sway. It's natural for things to bend, break and eventually become straight. The world is complex. We break it down into little parts and dissect them until they become microscopic. It's silly, but I do it everyday. You can't fix this without breaking that. You can't touch this without arousing that. Democracy flows. Our country has it's ups and downs and slowly but surely we take the bumps and learn from our mistakes. It doesn't look like that when you study the micro, think macro. I never thought bling or google would be words, but they are. Language flows. Don't stifle it. Improvise or die. If you focused on only high tide the world would flood. If you focused on the low we would never be quenched. Don't be small minded. Don't be blinded. Life is affirming, we're doing OK.

Just another obvious thought I felt the need to express.
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