October 8, 2010

Cat's Cradle: A Review

Kurt Vonnegut, the author of  Cat's Cradle, was a man with perspective. A very unique perspective, but perspective nonetheless. Out of any writer I’ve ever read I’d have to say that his mind works in a manner I've never encountered (except maybe Douglas Adams). His stories are somehow completely surreal and out of this world while at the same time grounded in fundamental human needs, fears and aspirations.

This is the third Vonnegut novel I’ve read (Slaughterhouse V; Player Piano the others) and I think it’s my favorite but I only just finished it so you have to give that time. The writing was hilarious, the characters were caricatures of caricatures, yet somehow through all the craziness you end up feeling like you learned something about something. Life, religion, society and many more topics are all covered here with a wry smile and clever wit. Give it a read.  The absurdity of this novel really shows you the absurdity of life in all its meaningless glory.

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  1. i've read this before.
    and i agree with everything.


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