October 28, 2010

The Endless Run

It feels like I have been running all of my life. My whole body aches but I can't stop, I can't slow down, they'll get me. This is like a terrible nightmare. Why won't they stop chasing me!? I want to break down and cry.

There, I can hide there! I duck into a stairwell and remain completely silent. Three of them run by. God they smell awful. How many of them can there be? I close my eyes for 30 seconds and it feels like years. I have thoughts racing through my head. Thoughts of fear and terror. Thoughts of the coming struggle. Thoughts of giving up and letting them fulfill their diabolical plans for me. I open my eyes and look around.

I bang the back of my head against the concrete wall. "Jesus Christ! Whose cock do I have to suck to get a fucking cigarette?"

You're losing it Stella, they're going to hear you. I realize the mistake I just made, I sit in complete silence. I hold my breath, terrified to make a sound. I hear a branch break. Then the sounds of footsteps. My heart begins to race. My only hope is to go into this building, what the hell is this place? The plaque next to the door reads St. Augustine's Cathedral. The footsteps become louder, I have to chance it. I throw all of my weight against the door and it bursts open.

I enter a long, dark, desolate corridor that seems like it stretches on for miles. I run. I run like I've been running my entire life, ever since this damned ordeal started, ever since they took her. I've been scared for so long that I rarely panic anymore. I have learned to take the most grotesque and horrific sights in stride. Funny the things you can learn to do when you've faced death day after day, night after night, year after year.

They stole my baby girl. Murderers! She was innocent, she never did anything to anyone. She was just a baby! Now she is gone. Gone forever. How could you take her from me? I loved her so. Now they want me. God knows what they want me for. Doesn't matter, they'll never get me! I'll never give up. I have to fight, I have to fight for my little girl.

I can hear them gaining on me. Those yellow freaks! Finally, the end of the corridor. I slam into the door and it opens into a beautiful church Sanctuary. For a moment I look up in awe. How did this get here? This is something you see in Italy or France. Not here in Jersey. That momentary pause, that slip of the mind cost me. A powerful force strikes my back and I fall to the floor. I look up and see beautiful murals of fallen angels and Him, Satan. I'm groggy, I can barely see. Then I realized what has happened. The three yellow men are standing above me.

I scream! "You took my little girl! You Godless bastards! Who are you? What do you want with me?"

"We are the truth Stella. We didn't take your little girl, Stella. We didn't kill her either. How long will you run from us? You'll never escape your own madness, Stella. Admit the truth to yourself and this nightmare will finally end."

The way they talk, all in unison, it sounds otherworldly. It feels like sandpaper scraping my soul. I kick one between the legs and manage to wriggle myself free from their grasp. I begin to run again.

Always running, always.

The janitor pushes his mop down the hall. He hears screams of terror coming from one of the cells. He peeks into the window and sees a restrained woman thrashing violently on her bed. For a moment he looks into her eyes and he is almost hypnotized. He snaps out of it and looks at the clipboard hanging on the door.

Stella Howard

Condition: Suffers from severe hysteria.

Length of stay: Indefinite. Convicted of murdering her own infant by asphyxiation.

Originally written in 2007. Thought I'd dig it up and keep the Halloween mood going.


  1. Your blogs are awesome!! I always get sucked up into them and then when it ends I get sad because I wanna read more...I'm hooked :P

  2. Awesome, a nice chilling Halloween read!

  3. Fantastic read! Perfect for Halloween. Crazy!

  4. your blog is rather sinisterly addictive

  5. you can learn a lot about a person from what they write.

    i think we're all running.

  6. bro, I expect a bad ass book to be emanating from you soon.

    This is seriously gripping stuff.

  7. Wow, that girl's crazy.

    I know that comments like "Awesome post!" are fairly valueless, but I feel the need to say it. I like everything you post! I'm glad I found your blog! (You have to thank Eemah)

    Hallllooooweeen!!! =D

  8. I mean I have to thank Eemah. If she had not posted a link to your blog, I wouldn't have discovered your blog's awesomeness! =]

  9. everyone is running from something.


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