October 24, 2010


I once cared what people thought. Then I stopped, I decided they weren't worth it. They weren't smart enough. How could I compare them to me? Then after a while I shed my arrogance. Just because I read about what happened between Augustus and Antony it doesn't mean that I'm smarter than Alfred and Alfredo. It is easy to despise the ignorant because they don't know any better. It takes elegance to educate the idiotic and let your own intelligence flounder in the name of expansion.


  1. is that the skull of Homer Simpson?

  2. Like the Homer Simpson picture it goes well with your writing. :P

  3. Powerful last line.
    I would like to add it often takes patience and understanding to learn to just accept some people would rather live in simplicity than worry with the euthanasias of literature and philosophy.

  4. Kanwalful: I like it too, although to be honest reading it now I'm not even sure what it means, sounded good at the time though.

    Eco: Yes, yes it is.

    Yellow: I thought so too. I love Homer.

    Jennifer: I agree, you don't have to be smart to be happy, sometimes it might even be harder to be smart and happy.

    scorpion: Thanks! come back anytime.

  5. When we stop measuring ourselves against others, we can grow in many ways. It's hard not to be judgemental but it sure does make you feel like a grownup if you can pull it off!

  6. Homer is awesome. Its hard to stop caring what others think. There are days when I could give a flying fluck about what someone thinks about me, but then there are days, when I really, REALLY worry about it.

  7. This is so incredibly true and very well-written. I feel inspired now after reading this because I am still at that place where I care what people think. Lol. Even though I know in my heart, it's just not worth it.

  8. Great writing! It takes practice to be awesome.
    But you were born to be awesome!

  9. Robyn: yes, but i'm not nearly that mature yet.

    Choleesa: we're a social creature, it's natural I think.

    Jennifer: I don't think anyone can ever completely leave that place, unless they live in a cave or something.

    Betty: Thanks so much


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