October 25, 2010

The Klepto

Never in the world has there been a lover as famed as he. The Klepto stole hearts and robbed minds from young ladies that were oh so lovely. But that was not all he took, you see, listen closely for this is the key: they called him The Klepto not because he stole innocence and love but because he took from these girls what they were most proud of.

The first girl in this allegory was a young woman of noble birth and glory. She was spoiled and wretched and getting what she wanted at all times summed up her life story. She had fine gowns, lavish balls and many male suitors that would come in and out of her life without much thought, all of them faceless commuters.

When she first saw The Klepto she was in denial. For the first time in her life she was attracted to a man's smile. He seduced her with his charms and before long she was embraced in his arms. In the princess's quarters they made love, they were animals, every climax she felt possessed by the power of hundred pound mortars.

Hours went by and soon her eyes, blue as the skies, were closed as the young princess drifted off to sleep. This is the time when The Klepto would decide what to keep. He looked at her body, glowing and satisfied, and then looked to her face and discovered that which she most glorified.

Into her arm he inserted a needle to make her sleep deeper and then a cold stare emerged that would terrify the grim reaper. He looked down at her face at what she most prized. She used them to look down in contempt at those she despised. One first, then the other our Klepto plucked out both of her eyes.

Originally written in February, 2007. I was going for a Dr. Seuss meets Roald Dahl's more adult work sort of vibe.


  1. i hear a looney tunes melody at the end....or is that just me?

    loves me a good rhyme.

  2. wow.
    you know you are really good right?
    like, really, really good.

  3. Interesting and that post title is so intriguing!
    You just created some great vivid images here. :)


  4. Love your Roald Dahl- Dr.Seuss adult version description !!!

  5. I'd read this book if you ever wrote more. I think I've known a version of Klepto. He was brutal.

  6. Wow not what I thought this was gonna be about. Pretty interesting post

    New here

  7. I love the concept of stealing her eyes. It comments on her vanity. At least, that's what I took.

  8. When I first saw the title, it instantly made me think "Kleptomaniac." But it wasn't at all about the kind of kleptomaniac I was envisioning.

    I definintly would read more of this. As much as it gives me the creeps, it's also slightly addictive.

    Nicely done.

  9. I agree with the above post. It's definitely inviting in a scary kind of way. As always, Chris, your posts makes my mind tingle.

  10. eco: i actually thought more of circus music, but that works too

    helen: Thank you!

    Mandy: Yea I got a kick out of that too.

    Melanie: Back when I wrote it I was going to make it 5 parts, never happened though.

    Kitty: Well don't be a stranger!

    Tori: Yes, that's exactly what I was going for.

    just a girl: yes, he steals something different entirely.

    Robyn: thanks so much, yours always make me hungry!

  11. Okay, now you've freaked me out. Wow...the dark side of you. I totally did not see that coming.
    I liked it!

  12. I remember this one...thanks for the flashback. We need to catch-up soon.

  13. kathryn: glad you enjoyed it!

    twisted: that we do


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