October 27, 2010

Knock... knock...

It was a blustery day that turned into a blustery night. The head of a Pooh Bear doll rolled in front of my feet. Did I kick it? Did the wind take it? Did I rip it off?

This world scares me. I feel a lot more comfortable in the virtual world. In tron-space at least I can log off after the blood drips out. Here. Here, it leaves a trail. I've watched Dexter too much to believe I won't get caught.


Unless, I have an alibi. I can't go down for this crime if I've got an alibi. If I commit a crime right after this one I can do 5 years instead of 20. I just need to take her face off and bury mine in another's. The girl down the street....

She's beautiful.

So beautiful.

I'll turn her into the living dead. She'll be my zombie princess, I'll eat her... brains.

My palms were sweaty when I knocked on the last door. Now they're clammy and calm. I'm learning. Classic conditioning at it's best, although, my tongue still wags...


What's that? Is it the mushrooms? Is it the police? Is it my hunger knocking on the inside of my stomach?

The door creaks. It's off the hinge, these people don't care.

I smile.

She falls...

I have my alibi.


Image taken from: http://epic4life.com/kent/2009/03/door-knocking/


  1. Wow your stuff is creepy. Don't think I'll be answering my door any time soon. ;)

  2. Well now, aren't you in the Halloween spirit? ;)

    Creeptastic, Christopher. Although, for a split second I wondered if it was a dog or a werewolf. I think it was the tongue wag...hehe.

  3. Marvelous...I would think of volunteering for an alibi just to get the rest of the story. Then again I have some strange views and issues.

  4. A crime after a crime in order to get a lesser sentence. I like it!

    I want to hear more!!

  5. Happy Halloween! Haha. I like this. =]

  6. Too much Stephen King and watching Dexter and not enough Samurai movies and BBC docos :p

  7. Chris! You're freaking me out!

  8. Haha I love this! It sounds like a dream I once had as a little girl ^_~

  9. Woah. You've gone all Halloween-y on us. Funny...it wouldn't be nearly as scary if he just rang the doorbell.

    Is this the dark side of you??


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