October 18, 2010


To the Democrats: 

The 2010 Congressional elections are nearly upon us and it isn't looking good for the Democrats. It looks like we'll lose the House and there is a long shot we could also lose the Senate. What does it all mean? Probably not too much to be honest. Historically, after a President's first year in office is over it is always hard to get any big domestic policy through. Obama and the Democrats have passed legislation on a scale not seen since right after JFK was shot. Now the challenge becomes more a matter of implementation and governance than passing big legislation. If I were him, I'd focus more on making sure the personnel are in place to make the health care reform bill work as well as possible. This however, is pretty boring and doesn't exactly get people excited but it is probably more important than arguing with a Republican Congress that isn't going to really look to do anything anyway. Also, I think the most unheralded thing about the Obama Administration is how well his foreign policy has been working. For the most part, there has been no controversy and plenty of accolades for Obama's foreign policy. Spend this down time in the legislative branch to highlight that, especially considering his competition in 2012 might be Sarah Palin who can't even find Russia on a map.

To the Republicans: 

Be careful what you wish for. The Republican party is pretty riled up at the moment since they've been sitting on the political sidelines for the last couple years. It is very possible that they could sweep to power and take a narrow lead in the House and Senate. In the long run, they won't get anything done and they'll give Obama a clear target to fight against. We've all seen how inept the Republican party is at domestic policy, why do the Republicans think that is going to change any? They don't have any ideas, they just want to stop things. That is all well and good when you're on the sidelines but not when you're in power. They won't be able to repeal big ticket items like health care reform because of Obama's veto power and they won't be able to pass any small ticket items without cooperation from the Democrats which will leave them with nothing accomplished by the time the 2012 elections roll around, leaving the Democrats plenty of targets to win back Congress and elect Obama to another term.


  1. Ha, the republicans. It's really cool to blog about politics, don't you think? I remember my first week with my blog, I wrote mostly about the elections.

  2. this is very, very true. also: you're an excellent writer, sir.

  3. Eco: thanks!

    Oliver: Yea, when I can't think of anything else to write about I just think about politics. I can always find something to rant and rave on.

    Hotel in bandung: I think this is my first spam comment! I will cherish it always.

    lia: Thanks!


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