October 23, 2010

Nobody Protests Quite Like The French

 I wish we would protest so enthusiastically, it looks like so much fun

Click here to see some great photos of the pension reform protests in France.


  1. heard about this on the news....of course with the protests i've heard comes no garbage service for a while, ewwwww

  2. they protest with style.. i'm jealous.

  3. It's beautiful! The only times I see effigies as nice as that in the pic are in the lantern parades of the college of mass communication in my university. They turn protest materials into lanterns on Decembers, which is kinda cool.

  4. Eco: Well that's not cool.

    Lia: Me too!

    Oliver: Now that's synergy (to quote Jack Donaghy)

  5. They really do love a good protest, I loved watching them when I was in Paris, such passion for their cause !!!


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