October 19, 2010

People Watching

She was sitting on a park bench singing Turning Japanese, and it didn't even seem ironic, even though she was Japanese. She seemed natural, normal, fragile and strong. She made me think in paradoxes. I wanted to approach her but the impact of her smile was so forceful and inviting that I couldn't build up the nerve to say hello. I could tell she was an art student, they always have a certain look. I call it the eye of the hurricane look. Calm and content and in the present because they are living the dream and doing what they love, yet there is a nervous paranoia in their eyes that is always looking out for the proverbial ton of bricks. Bricks, hurricanes and mice, Florida's biggest exports.

Looks like someone is going to try his luck with her. He's wearing sunglasses to block her smile, smart. Why couldn't I think of that? He's smiling way too much though, maybe he's gay. Aren't art students supposed to like the dark and brooding types? He has to be gay, rookie mistake. He just put his hand on her thigh and she didn't even flinch! Definitely the gay friend. I wonder if he'd let me borrow his sunglasses if I flirted with him? Who am I kidding? He's too pretty for me. I'll have to go in blind, well, blinded. Remember, dark and brooding, dark and brooding. Shit they're leaving!

Meh, she wasn't really my type anyway.
Image taken from: http://bookxcessblog.com/?p=2850


  1. well darlin' you at least can go home and turn japanese yourself with the thought...

  2. Shhh, I don't want to wake Christopher because he's asleep on the bench. But that story is a major case of procrastination, if ever I saw one. Which I have. Like today. Great scene--loved it! :D

  3. Is this real? It's hilarious! XD

  4. You paint an image with your words. I know that look you talk about... people who aren't too afraid to go for their dream. Wish we could all be one of them.

  5. Eco: ha, yea

    Brenda: I have at least 5 of those moments a week, sometimes I get up, sometimes I don't. Although this one is completely fictional.

    Oliver: No, fake, but thanks anyway.

    Eva: Amen.

  6. Ha ha. Is this such a frequent occurrence because you're shy or lazy (in normal un-poetic terms)?

  7. i agree with eva, a lot.

    everything you write, is filled with such beauty and passion.

    you'll find what you're looking for.

  8. Love the genuine insight from the other side ;)

  9. never thought that is how a man would think of the situation..

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  10. awesome scene, and thanks for your comment :)

  11. Kanwalful: Sometimes I'll take the leap and go talk to her but I find too many women attractive to go chase all of them, I'd never get anything done.

    margg: Thanks so much, I could say the same about you!

    Carolyn: Glad to help, although I won't lie to you a lot of times the thoughts are a bit more crude.

    eemah: I think that way sometimes, but most of the time I probably think the way you would think a man would think. I like to analyze people though.

    Dominque: Thanks! And, no problem.

  12. Great piece, Christopher, love it!
    So vivid images come out from this one. You're crazy talented!



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