October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Pi

Well my little sister and I did some pumpkin carving last night. I thought I was so clever and building up my nerd cred with this Pumpkin Pi effort.

Until I saw this anyway: 

Oh well, guess I'm just a poser.

My sister went with the Jack Skellington look:


  1. Very cool, Chris. My sister in law does designer pumpkins so the pressure is on to come up with something amazing. haha.
    Happy Hallowe'en, Friend.

  2. Carving pumpkin takes a lot of effort and patience. I've never had the patience to carve pumpkins but I do love looking at the pumpkins that everyone else carved up. =)

  3. that's actually brilliant. :] & it doesn't exactly count as poser if you didn't know that others had done so before you, right?

    (thank you ten thousand times for your comments on my posts. they make me think from alternate angles and spaces. i'm grateful.)

    x, lia

  4. You are really good at carving pumpkins. Mine always turns out looking messy and confusing. Lol. I like the pumpkin pi idea and this is the first I've heard of it. I wouldn't call you a poser, just clever. After all, you came up with the idea yourself. The other pumpkin carvers probably heard about it from someone else before they did theirs! :)

    I hope you have a great Halloween!

  5. Well done! Great pumpkin carving!
    What a fun!

    B :)

  6. You made me laugh ... and that's a good thing :)

    I like your little sis's pumpkin best. Cool.


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