October 22, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins

"I can't believe those ungrateful bastards fired me! After everything I did for them! They've reduced me to an angry drunkard afraid to leave the house."

A car door slams outside and he rushes to the window, tripping over old gin bottles in the process.

"Fuck! It's a fucking mess in here. Look at him off to work in his nice suit and his fancy car. If I had a silver spoon in my mouth I'd have a hot wife and nice things too. God, his wife. The things I would do to her. I'd like to wrap my fingers around her throat and show her who the better man really is. I fucking wish I had his life. No, I couldn't live with myself if I was him, spoiled rich brat.


  1. this deals with some of the less desirable emotions we deal with as human beings.

    and for that reason, i think it is beautiful.

    i really am so glad you are writing again.
    you have something have shouldn't be ignored.

  2. i'm glad you commented because if you hadn't i would never have found you, and my am i glad.

    keep it a comin'.

  3. You're very intense. In an extremely exciting way. Loving the writing. Keep it coming.

  4. margg: thanks so much, you're way too sweet!

    never: sure thing.

    Kanwalful: well i always love to hear from you so I have to keep it interesting to keep you coming back.

  5. You really do write beautifully, I must check in more often.

  6. Good old Chris, making the dark and twisted glisten and beautiful with your gilded words...hehehe


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