November 2, 2010

The Cello Player

I want to make love to a woman that plays the cello. I want to combine my depravity with her sophistication and make strange and surrealistic babies. I think my cello player would open up doors for me. I could go to the opera. I could go to black-tie dinners where open bars filled with expensive scotches are the norm. I could look down upon the plebeians from high in the Monadnock building and refuse to pity them. I'll smoke cigars as they stuff their faces with processed pork parts and greasy potato wedges and I think that would be just fine.

Where are you my darling? I'll be looking for you, longing for you. I know you're dressed in black and dragging that big case behind you. That case filled with my ambitions, my demons and my desires.


  1. Huh.

    Really? The cello? I mean, I love the sound of the instrument and all...but it's not the sexiest instrument to lug around.

    I think it's just the way she has to sit to play it.

    THAT'S what you like!

  2. I don't actually have a thing for cello's, just came up with the first line and kind of wrote from there.

    I do like how they sit though, I realized that once I searched for images of cello players.

  3. I think it is a very sexy instrument !!!

  4. this makes me giggle because a friend of mine grew up playing the cello and - oh great- now visions of her? of course i wonder how a cello player could open doors for you lugging that big thing - ya rude bastad!:)

  5. My ex is obsess with wanting to learn the Cello, and he looks like a girl from behind. Maybe? Ugh, who am I kidding. You'd need to be REALLY FUCKING DRUNK and he'd need to get some class and a little black dress.

    Thank you for the words :) They helped a lot.

    I'll keep my eye out for cello-playing girls next time I'm near the music department ;)

  6. i can appreciate this.
    it's something we're all looking for.

    someone who will open doors.
    let us experience things we could only imagine.

    wonderful :) xo

  7. ha! You wicked wicked man, Christopher

  8. Hahahaha. Creep. Cello players should watch out for you.

  9. Haha in college I had a close girlfriend who studied cello in the conservatory. One of my male friends was obsessed with her and thought it was the hottest thing when she played a private show for him in the auditorium once. It actually turned him on and brought him to tears at the same time. That's what I thought of when I read this post. :P

  10. Mandy: To be honest any instrument/artistic talent is sexy to me!

    Eco: I resent that! I'm a complete gentleman. OK, maybe not complete, but sort of a gentleman, i think.

    Peridot: Thanks but I'll pass on him! Hairy legs just don't do it for me. Let me know if you find anyone else.

    margg: To be honest I don't really think I want to be like that, just an excercise.

    Robyn: Why thank you.

    Oliver: I already can't come within a hundred feet of the Chicago Philharmonic.

    Jennifer: That does sound really hot, now I actually do want a cello player.


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