November 28, 2010

ChrisNotes for Week of 11/27

I love newspapers. I love the ink that rubs off on your fingers. I love digging for the sports page first, devouring the latest news about the Chicago sports teams before settling down to go through the front page and other sections that catch my eye. The Sunday paper is always my favorite. I can spend half the day going through the Sunday paper. Sadly, we all know that newspapers are dying and the internet is killing them. That provides a lot of opportunity for us in the online sphere. I figure if I start now I'll be in the perfect position to replace the New York Times' Week in Review when it finally goes belly up. OK, maybe that's aiming a little high but I can at least give an update on whats been happening here at Notes From Underground. 

Monday: Driving Dislike

In this post I mostly complained about how much of a pain in the ass cars are and why I prefer public transportation. Mostly everyone disagreed with me. You jerks.
Tuesday: What WW-III Might Look Like

Shocked by the Koreas bombing each other my mind got to racing about what might come next and (SPOILER ALERT) it was very pessimistic. Also took a potshot at the media coverage of the incident.

Wednesday: Party Time

Here I try to encourage everyone to drink way too much the night before thanksgiving and then go see family hungover. I cover up the irresponsibility by saying that everyone should be responsible and call a cab to get home.

Thursday: I'm Thankful for Sarcasm

Unwilling to write a thoughtful, inspirational and touching post on the many things I should be thankful for in life. I instead make a list about random things that popped into my head about the holiday, being an ungrateful smart-ass along the way.

Friday: I Won!

I brag about all the cool stuff I won in Elle Strauss' blog giveaway.

Comment of the Week:
From helen at and with glitter burning, she wished upon a star on I'm Thankful for Sarcasm.

i love sarcasm. its become a reflex. 

Netflix Stream Movie of the Week:

Severance (2006)
With a mix of dark humor, likable characters, and good pacing this is one of the best horror movies I've seen in quite a while. Click the title to read my review.

Coming Next Week at Notes From Underground (probably):
  • A story about something sexy from Chicago's history.
  • My thoughts on writing and character psychology.
  • A review of The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • A big surprise!
I hope you enjoyed this first edition of ChrisNotes. I'm not sure if you'll ever see it again because I'm not really sure if it's useful or just a shameless promotion of what I wrote over the course of the week. Any thoughts, feedback or ideas for new sections you'd like to see would be greatly appreciated!


  1. thank you,
    you have made my sunday evening!

    if you don't like posting your weeks posts like this, you could have a weekly update in the sidebar.

    what was your favourite post to write?

  2. I one time wrote a piece for my writing class and I spoke about how I love newspapers and I love the ink on my fingers, the virtual shit just ain't the same.
    I also love my paperbacks.

  3. I like the idea of this weekly ChrisNotes update. I am quite impressed with the first edition. As for your driving dislike, cars are like girlfriends. Sure, they can be a pain in the ass at times, but you wouldn't wanna be without em' cause they're so damn sexy. ;p

    I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts. :)

  4. helen: So glad to make you smile! I don't mind doing this kind of post at all, just not sure if anyone would actually like it or think it's necessary. I had the most fun writing "I'm Thankful for Sarcasm". It's fun being a smart ass.

  5. Penny: I'm with you! I used to ride the train everyday and of course I'd grab a paper for the ride, my day felt incomplete without it.

    Philosophia: That's the best justification for cars that I've ever heard. I think I'm going to do it next week! I've got a couple ideas.

  6. Lol, mate that IS my city! I can see that beach from my house. Suck on it :p

    I'm totally envious of Miles' juggling skills. He's scary good. One of my friends can only do basic 3-ball jugging and always uses her mum's eggs in the fridge. He mum's reaction is priceless!

    Oooh, I like the Chris Notes. Seriously, what ISN'T sexy about Chicago's history?

  7. yeah I completely agree about the newspaper..I love reading the paper..and I know this may make me seem like an 80 yr old woman, but I also love checking out the deals in the Sunday paper for all the grocery stores.

  8. I actually really enjoyed this recap of your week. :) I think it's a fun idea and let's new readers know more of what you're about and let's them go back to your former posts. Also, it gives your regulars something to look forward to with your teasers. Lol.

    You really are like a newspaper here. ;)

  9. My first thought upon seeing this here post was, "He'll never be able to keep it up."

    I thought this in the nicest possible way and should clarify that I know without a doubt that *I* would be unable to sustain such a schedule.

    I'm just saying...


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