November 4, 2010


Cigarette smoke in the air. Pantyhose draped over a lampshade. Empty liquor bottles strewn about. An eight-inch buck knife standing erect, stabbed deeply into my coffee table. I pull  myself up in attempt to be a human periscope to get a better view. I turn and put my feet on the ground. My left foot crushes a champagne glass. "Fuck!" I scream, as my right foot steps into a pile of half-eaten strawberries. My profanity elicits a moan from the bedroom. I think it is a woman mumbling something. All I can make out is something that sounds like flexeril and an emphatic "omelet".

I sigh as I pull a few chunks of glass from my foot before standing up to investigate. I walk over the cold, cream-colored tile towards the bedroom. Two red comet tails left in my wake. One blood, the other strawberry jam. I walk in and see a naked woman sprawled out on my bed. The covers hiding her only from the knees down. She rolls halfway over and looks at me. Thirteen cents is stuck to her cheek and forehead. One dime, three pennies. She yawns and rubs her eyes. Twelve cents falls to the bed.

I sit down on the bed, propping myself up with my hands behind me. I see her purse laying next to her, the contents obviously dumped all over the bed. I look at the dresser, an empty condom wrapper. That explains the mess. I feel reassured. She lazily gathers up the five, ten and twenty dollar bills spread across the bed. I look her in the eye and smirk. "Did we fuck, or rob a bank?". She smiles at me lazily. She then extends her index finger, followed by her thumb, at a 90 degree angle. She pulls the trigger. "Bang".


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  1. You had me really intrigued. I was curious what he was going to find. At first I thought she was dead. but I love the end, his question and her answer. Perfect ;)

  2. oh wow.
    if you had a book i'd gobble it down.
    just saying.

  3. Honda: Thanks!

    Eva: I actually toyed with making her be a zombie and jump up at him and try to kill him. But, I did enough Halloween stuff last week. Plus I didn't actually think of that until right now.

    Helen: If I ever finish one I'll make sure you're one of the first to know.

    Climb: Thank you!

    Jason: Thanks.

  4. Christopher you truly are a beautiful writer... I've skimmed through most of your posts and came to realize that our minds think alike... it's creepy.. but in a good way... Thanks!

  5. Hey, you never fail to amaze me! What a great post and picture you paired with.
    Love it!
    Interesting and sexy enough, I'd say.
    B :)

  6. Certainly a tad more sexy than my day, lol

  7. Your writing is so beautifully descriptive that I can feel myself standing at the doorway and watching, Chris. I don't think you have any idea how sexy you are...which makes you doublely (is that a word?) sizzling.

  8. He he he... loved that ending!!!


  9. Woohoo! Really enjoyed this piece and was completely intrigued. Great writing! :D

  10. Nancy: Scary thought to think there is more than one of me running around. Oh, and thank you very much.

    Betty: Thank you, and yes I absolutely fell in love with that image when I saw it.

    David: Ha! Mine too. Thank god for a good imagination.

    Robyn: Not so bad yourself, hot stuff. (and yes doubely is a word when used to compliment me).

    Nevine: Thank you! Thinking of the ending is what inspired it all.

  11. Brenda: Thanks! Glad I could entertain and intrigue.

  12. Not so much scary in my eyes.. more like intriguing.. it's quite nice i'd like to believe.. the world would be pure if all minds thought neutral.


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