November 22, 2010

Driving Dislike

I'm really not a fan of driving at all. Working your way through traffic is it's own special kind of hell and so very pointless if you live anywhere with decent public transit. It's not because I'm a bleeding-heart liberal (which I am) because I do own a car. A 1997 Lincoln Town Car that gets a not exactly fuel efficient 11 miles to the gallon. It of course has all the bells and whistles because I refuse to accept any less. There are buttons for everything from heated seats to a moon roof. However, with being poor and all, I've never actually had enough money to buy a car that was newer than ten years old so I've never actually gotten to play with any of the buttons because they don't work. I only really use it for grocery shopping because grocery shopping without a car is a pain in the ass. The rest of the week it just sits in the garage collecting dust.

Until today...

My sister called me around three today which I was pretty happy about because I was sitting at work dying of boredom at the time. Unfortunately, little sisters rarely call their older brothers unless they're in trouble. Today was no exception. My sister's car overheated way up on Devon Ave., apparently she had a craving for Indian food she just couldn't resist. So I thought for a minute and weighed my options. I could have my little sister:

A) Go knock at some random persons door and ask them for a milk jug full of water and hope she could figure out how to open the radiator cap without burning her hand off.

B) Call Dad.

C) Lug some jugs of water and a roll of duct tape up there myself and hope for the best.

Since I'm the protective older brother type and my Dad is in purgatory (the suburbs)  I decided I better go myself. I headed home from work and went to go get my car because lugging 3 gallons of water to the far north side on the red line didn't really appeal to me. I finally made it up there, got her car going again and followed her home. Having a car made this ordeal so much easier.

Until I got a flat tire on the way home.

In the rain.

That's why I support and use public transportation.


  1. dude i have no car - never have to worry about rescuing anyone, getting bad gas mileage, etc. makes one a lot more thoughtful about how necessary a trip is if you have to ride on two wheels to get there :)

  2. I have been on the bus the past 2 weeks, the kind of bus so full that I am always wedged under someones armpit and unfortunately it's always the person who feels deoderant too bourgeois.

    I am back in the car this week and I am not afraid to say I may have given the steering wheel a little kiss.

    P.S perhaps all this misfortune is the universe telling you to pick up the phone when I call dammit!

  3. I love driving, but not through traffic, usually when it is nighttime and there are no cars and I just listen to my music and ,vroom vroom vroom

    I hate public transportation, despise it actually,

    you are a very kind brother,

    btw, next time i get stuck I'm calling you.

  4. When all else fails call the big bro. to come & save the day! Although I don't have a brother & don't have a car. Come to New York I'm sure it'll change your mind & despise public transportation. :)

  5. I'd like driving a lot more if my car wasn't a complete heap of crap with windy windows and no central locking. OK - it was new 5 years ago but who has a car without electric windows these days? I always get embarassed at tolls.

  6. This is why I try and use public transport as much as I can...

  7. Oh no.... Not a good day for you, then.

    I must admit, I do miss having a car. I live in central London so there's really not much need, but the tube can be absolute rubbish sometimes!

  8. Dude if you lincoln is getting 11mpg it has a problem,. I get nearly 22 around town and nearly 30 on the highway with my 96...

  9. Plus if I had to ride public transportation I would murder people.. I hate the riff raff that ride the buses and trains, and I like being able to leave somewhere when I want and how I want.

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