November 29, 2010

Make Chris Cry Giveaway!

Last week I received the books I'd won in Elle's giveaway. Once I had them in my hand I realized that these blog contest things were real and people besides Carol actually won them. As I gripped those oh so pretty books a warm feeling overcame me and for the first time in my life I wanted to do something completely against my nature - give something back. Naturally, I consulted my physician immediately and made an appointment for this morning to see what the heck was wrong with me. He told me I had come down with something called "emotion". I don't understand it either, some kind of medical term I guess. He reassured me that it was perfectly normal for a man to experience it from time to time and that I should even start having new experiences that induce emotions. I'm not a doctor but I'm guessing it's so I'll build up an immunity to these "emotions". After doing some research online I came across this "emotion" called sadness. Sadness is apparently a painful "emotion" often caused by loss and is sometimes accompanied by a salty discharge from the eyes called "crying". I'm the kind of guy that likes to take care of unpleasant things quickly so I decided that I will tackle this so called sadness head on. But how? What could I lose that would actually bring me to the point of tears? Watch the trailer below to see what I'm going to give up so that I might experience this "crying".

Yes, in order to experience sadness I have to give up four books that are near and dear to my heart. It is the only way I can think of to make myself "cry" and build up my immunity to the plague that is "emotion". These aren't new and pretty books. These books have been lived in. I've lived in them in my imagination and their ideas have lived in and inspired my mind. Some of the pages are torn, some of the pages are yellowing, there may be writing in the margins or highlights on loved phrases. These books are like a part of my family and I hope one of you gives them a good home and enjoys them as much as I did.

The Prizes:

Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson - It's Hunter S. Thompson do I really need to tell you why I love it?

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote - This is the chilling real life look at real murderers in one of the most interesting books from a psychological perspective I've ever met.

Boss by Mike Royko - To me this stands with All The President's Men as one of the greatest books ever written about politics. It is a fascinating look at one of the most powerful American politicians in the 20th century.

Notes From Underground by Fyodor Doestoevsky - It must have really meant something to me if I named my blog after it. It is a brilliant character study.

The Rules:

All you have to do to enter is look below at how to qualify for entries, add up your total and leave that number in the comment section. This giveaway will end Monday, December 6th at 6:00 PM CST. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator and announced on Tuesday December 7th.

Unfortunately because that suitcase of cash was empty and shipping is expensive you will have to live in either the United States or Canada to win this contest. Apologies to my international followers! Economics force me to be xenophobic at this time.

How to qualify for entries:

If you're already a follower you get +2 entries
If you're new here and follow me you get +1 entry
If you follow me (or already have been) on twitter @ntsfrmundergrnd you get +2 entries
If you go to my facebook page and like me (or already have) you get +2 entries
If you tweet or like this contest with those little buttons below you get +1 entry each
If you post this contest anywhere on your blog you get +5 entries
If you tell me your favorite emotion to write or photograph and why you get +1 entry
(I realize now that this last one here makes little sense. It made sense when I wrote it but I think from now on we'll just call this extra credit and everyone gets that plus 1)

Good luck, you sadistic monsters.


  1. If you're already a follower: +2 entries
    If you follow me on twitter: +2 entries
    If you like my facebook page: +2 entries
    If you tweet or like this contest: +1 entry

    Seven so far. I don't understand the last option. You want us to tell you our favorite emotion? I guess mine would be excitement, as evidenced by my caffeine addiction.

  2. Emotions, no sorry I've never heard of them either. Good luck with the giveaway, unfortunately it looks like I'm on the wrong side of the pond.

  3. If you're already a follower you get +2 entries
    If you like this contest with the little button below you get +1 entry

    Lol, no facebooking for me. I'm paranoid about people tracking me down.

    That emotion shit is why the Government deals drugs to me. Stay AWAY from it, lol!

  4. Oh, are too freakin' funny. I am very sorry you have that salty discharge about the eyes and face. I am not surprised that your physician was unable to prevent you from having future "emotions".
    Boy, you sure know how to make those books sound appealing...with their yellow pages and scribbled notes and overall previous use.
    I am so behind on reading anything that isn't on my monitor that I'd feel "guilty" (another strange, foreign emotional concept to you, I know) for taking anything.
    However, you're such a hoot I've re-tweeted this here post. And because you're so freakin' talented, I'll mention that I already follow you here, there and everywhere.
    Rock on.

  5. hahahaha...fake cash..dirty trick.

  6. - If you're already a follower you get +2 entries
    -If you follow me (or already have been) on twitter @ntsfrmundergrnd you get +2 entries
    -If you go to my facebook page and like me (or already have) you get +2 entries
    -If you tweet or like this contest with those little buttons below you get +1 entry each
    -If you tell me your favorite emotion to write or photograph and why you get +1 entry

    If you mean in what emotion do I like to write in? Well that would be um, Snark, and yes that is an emotion. I like to be snarky, I have been known to keep a nearly-constant state of snarkiness.

    The snark is with me.

    Awesome Idea!!

  7. I protest my lack of eligibility.

    You already have troops next door, doesn't that count for something? Did I mention how highly we regard your currency?

  8. Emotions are hard to deal with, aren't they?

    I'm in the UK, but I wish you good luck with the giveaway!

  9. You poor thing, having to go to such lengths to make yourself sad. I could never part with such beloved books. And how could I ever think to take them away from you? I'd be the worst sort of person, especially since we all know I'd win...

    This is quite a dilemma.

    My favorite emotion is cheese.

  10. Tsarista: Yea, after I looked at it again it didn't really make much sense to me either. You get a point anyway!

    Ryan: Yea, I think if I do this again I'll make sure I do it at a time when I actually have some money instead of right before Christmas.

    Kathryn: Well I'm glad I got you laughing. And yes, I really know how to push product! People say I should've been a salesman. I think subconsciously I wrote it that way because I really will miss them. Next time I'm giving away a gift card! Thanks for the tweet.

    Mikey: Yea, couldn't help myself.

    Penny: I'll have to try out snarky for myself sometimes. The word just sounds fun.

  11. I get 8 points!! Yay!

    (PS. On twitter, I am jenniferb02; on facebook I am Jenny Benny).

    Awesome giveaway. You're hilarious, by the way. I'm glad you finally got some emotion. :P

  12. Oh my god Chris....what have you become?


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