November 5, 2010

On Mexico

America is a nation with a lot of habits. Anyone who has an addictive personality knows that dirty little secrets go hand-in-hand with habits of excess. We turn a blind eye to the unforgivable oppression of women in Saudi Arabia to get that oil pumping through our veins, or is it highways? We don't shed a tear for the millions of children working like slaves so Wal-Mart's stores stay stocked. So why should we give a damn when innocent civilians are gunned down like dogs on the streets of Monterrey so we can get high?

Mexico is on the verge of becoming a failed  state. In the last four years over 25,000 people have been murdered in Mexico. 80% of the weapons found in Mexico can be traced back to the United States. We want to build a wall to keep them out, but the 7,000 gun stores lining the border have no problem throwing assault rifles over the fence.

We'll never stop spending the billions of dollars a year we spend on drugs. The cartels will never go away.

We could renew the assault rifle ban so it isn't so easy to murder so many children so fast.

We could start to recognize that the Mongol hordes aren't invading our country. We could start to realize that every American bullet fired into a Mexican brain creates a family of refugees. No one would want to flee their home, family and friends without good reason. A big part of the fear the average Mexican feels on a day-to-day basis is our responsibility. My sincerest apologies to those that have a lost a family member because of our addictions.

I think I'll go snort a line for the fallen.


  1. One of those vicious circles that's hard to break.

    Mexico honestly kind of scares me. SO MUCH crime and corruption, more than anywhere I think. I've vowed to not go there again because the last time I was there I couldn't enjoy myself. All I did was look behind me at all times. And the shame of it all is, SUCH A GORGEOUS country.

  2. You definitely don't have to look for to find tragedy. Very thought-provoking post.

  3. We have spent a lot of time in Baja, not the mainland, and met some wonderful people. Because of so much trouble in the border crossing towns we probably won't be going back anytime soon. We miss, and worry about, our friends there.

  4. you have an interesting point of view. great post.

  5. Brilliant. This is brilliant because it is SO true and not many people have the guts to say it.

  6. excellently put. i'd say it's tragic, but it really isn't. it's our own fault, you know? and if more people cared, then it wouldn't be like this. so maybe the tragedy is our own blindness and closed minds.

  7. Annah: I can't say I've ever been, I've got some friends with houses down there but even they won't go down there right now. It sucks.

    Eco: Of course not, but I think there are ways we could help. Banning assault rifles is a big one. They've already deployed 50,000 troops around the country, I'm sure there is more support we could be giving them. At the very least we can stop demonizing them.

    Janet: It's something I'd like more people to think about.

    Squirrel: Well I hope your friends down there are doing ok.

    Kanwalful: That it is.

    Scorpion: thanks.

    Jennifer: I think it's an important message to get there, this is happening in our backdoor.

    lia: Well hopefully some of them will start opening soon.

    helen: its insane

  8. Would those people (illegals) be willing to go into a passive-aggressive war to take back America? And re-institute our Voices again? Clearly they have no idea what democracy is and hopefully our people are seeing it too plainly. I would support their amnesty if they are willing to support our democracy.

  9. I think it's rather insulting to say that Mexicans don't know what democracy is, considering Mexico is a democracy. I'm not sure what you even mean by passive-aggressive war to take back America.


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