November 24, 2010

Party Time

The day before Thanksgiving has to be the best party night outside of New Years Eve. You're almost guaranteed the next day off so everyone's looking to cut loose. Wednesday is still technically ladies night in some places (I might not personally get in for free but the scenery is guaranteed to be better). The thing that really separates this night from any other is that it's acceptable, nay, encouraged to gorge yourself on comfort food and fall asleep watching football the next day. There is no better day to be hungover...

Go have fun everyone and remember to call a cab!

Oh, and any of my ex's reading this blog expect a text around 4 AM.

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  1. I should be out partying it up right now,

  2. i am partying it up on the sofa with my dog. rawk on.

  3. Enjoy! :) LOL at the ex texting, i'm with you on that one ;p

  4. Happy thanksgiving! I hope your HAngover day aka Thanksgiving was everything you hoped it would be!:)

  5. LOL I hope you had a good one. Why don't you just make sure all your ex's are connected to you on Twitter and save yourself the time.


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