November 9, 2010

These Things...

...shouldn't be forced. They have to be handled very delicately. With care, without despair. Choose your words carefully before your words are used against you. Pockmarked faces will chase you down with voracious vitality if you drop your pen in their lions den. One foot after the other. Left, right, left, left, right, left. March. March with purpose. March towards your own ides but don't repeat history or you'll end up stabbed, shanked, and beaten before those you ruled before.


  1. Very true, unfortunately a lot of people these days seem to have the affliction of "diarrhea of the mouth."

  2. its happening with the goverment.

  3. we all are marching towards our own ides. that's so true. but i think that stabbing, shanking, et al are inevitable. we're all going to find ourselves whispering "et tu, brute?" at some point in our lives, if we're lucky. if we're not, then it will become our refrain.

  4. Tsarista: I've noticed that myself.

    Sarah: That your favorite word of the bunch?

    helen: Actually I could compare the midterm elections as a shank, not sure if you meant it that way.

    lia: Very well said, in fact better than I said it

  5. SHANKED is a pretty awesome word.

  6. glad we all have an agreement on how cool shanked is


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