November 11, 2010


The worst place in the world to live has to be North Korea. They are so isolated and there really isn't anyway to know what's really going on in there. In this age of connectivity they don't even know what the internet is yet. I mean, has anyone ever even met anyone from North Korea? I watched this documentary on North Korea last night and they actually were allowed into the country with cameras. Although they had handlers and weren't really allowed to see much at all, but even the best side of North Korea seemed terrifying.

They went to a privileged family's house and the look on these people's faces was unlike anything I've ever seen before when they talked about their "dear leader" Kim Jong-il. It was a mix of fear and adoration that was creepy as all get out. Have you ever met a girl with a really, really bad father complex? Multiply the look on her face times a hundred and you sort of get what is going  on with these people. I can't imagine how damaged the psyche of these people must be. I wonder if this is what Stalin's Soviet subjects looked like.

They are forced to live under a psychopath with absolute power. If you so much as complain about your lack of food rations you are sent to a concentration camp - along with the rest of your extended family. It makes me want to weep. But what can be done? Right now, we're starving them out, literally. The alternative is a potential nuclear war. There really is no answer but to pray for the death of the "dear leader" and his entire family.Even if the regime does fall, how do you treat 23 million people for post-traumatic stress syndrome?

Click here for my review and more information on the documentary.


  1. North Korea wins the prize of being the most fucked-up and brainwashed country.

  2. I'd be interested in seeing that documentary, Chris. There is so little information out there. Could you pass along the name, please?

  3. Btw, that picture is chilling.

  4. Wow. I feel kind of stupid for knowing so little about North Korea. Well, I mean, I knew their leader was a psychopath and their country was incredibly strict, but I had no idea how isolated the citizens are. I had no idea they had never even heard of the internet. That's shocking and disturbing to me.

    And you're absolutely right. Once we rid those poor people of this dictator, how do we even begin to help them understand reality and help them heal?

    You always find a way of getting my blood pumping, Christopher, because again I find myself really moved by your post. I would love to see that documentary as well. Do you remember the name? :)

  5. the name of the documentary is: National Geographic: Inside North Korea if anyone is interested.

  6. Looks like the north Korean people aren't going to be free anytime soon as the pyscho is passing all his power to his son.

  7. Perfect example of "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

  8. I doubt China would allow any instability in their neck of the woods. Which is why they have no problem propping up dictatorships.

  9. Ryan: Yea, it's really sad.

    Carolyn: I thought the same thing when I wrote this.

    Alpha: I'd be really curious to know how close China and North Korea are. I know they're closer to North Korea than anyone else, but I still see them being isolated from China.


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